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Breed: Australian Shepherd DOB: 4/22/2015 Weight: 60 Lbs. Gender: Male/Neutered (Mn) Hometown: Andover, MA Nickname(s): Aahss, Monkey, Ding Dong, Punky Martin is a very special dog. Not only special to me, but also in the general world of dogs.  I have to give props to his owner and my dear friend for taking the lead […]


Breed: Golden Retriever DOB: 5/20/2017 Weight: 65 Lbs Gender: Female/Spayed (Fs) Hometown:  Middletown, RI Nickname(s): Daisy Duke   Daisy found us here at Canine Behavioral Services Inc. as a young puppy. She was a very shy and timid puppy, but with the help of the Pack she gained her confidence working her way through our […]


Breed: Yellow Lab DOB: 8/1/2012 Weight: 50 Lbs. Gender: Female/Spayed (Fs) Hometown:  Westerly, RI Nickname(s): Murr Murray is an old friend of the Pack here at Canine Behavioral Services Inc. This goofy gal wants nothing more than to be everyone’s friend. She has a knack for helping anxious or nervous dogs loosen up and just […]


Breed: Lab/Pitbull Mix DOB: 6/20/2014 Weight: 55 Lbs. Gender: Male/Neutered (Mn) Hometown:  Saunderstown, RI Nickname(s): Char Char Charlie is housemate to Mason the Hound Mix. He visits often with Mason for our Family Style Sleepover Service and is always eager to lend a paw to his friends in need. Charlie is a happy go lucky […]


Breed: Chocolate Lab DOB: 2010 Weight: 50 Lbs Gender: Male/Neutered (Mn) Hometown:  Hope Valley, RI Nickname(s): Searg Sergeant completed our In-Patient Rehabilitation Program at 7 years old. When he came to CBS, Sergeant had a history of being reactive, amongst other undesirable behaviors. He worked hard here with the Pack to overcome his struggles and […]


Breed: Mini Australian Labradoodle DOB: 3/25/2016 Weight: 21 Lbs. Gender: Female/Spayed (Fs) Hometown:  Middletown, RI Nickname(s): The Roar We started working with Rory as a young puppy in our Basic Manners Puppy Workshop. This little girl received a solid head start with the Pack which has helped shape her into the wonderful dog that she […]


Breed: Goldendoodle DOB: 12/20/10 Weight: 40 lbs Gender: Male/Neutered (Mn) Hometown: Boston MA Nickname:  Scooter, Scoutmaster We began working with Scout several years ago when he enrolled in our In-Patient Program. Scout had an array of behavioral problems including resource guarding and reactivity on his walks. Scout worked tirelessly with the Pack and with his […]


Breed: Hound Mix DOB: 1/1/2013 Weight: 52 Lbs. Gender: Male/Neutered (Mn) Hometown:  Westerly, RI Nickname(s): CJ, Cracker Cracker Jack is an all around fun loving guy who is always eager to make new friends. CJ visits often for our Family Style Sleepover Service and always makes himself right at home here. CJ welcomes all of […]