Breed: Australian Labradoodle
DOB: 10/1/2012
Weight: 35 Lbs.
Gender: Female/Spayed (Fs)
Nickname(s): Dobbie Doo, Dobster
Role: The Barker

Dobbie comes to us from one of the wonderful reputable breeders we provide Litter Temperament Testing for.  This specific breeder is extremely adept at matching her puppies with the “right” owners or families.  However, as with everything – things happen.  While Dobbie may have initially been a little challenging – unfortunately, this family did not do “right” by Dobbie and get themselves professional assistance in the form of training to help curb or extinguish any growing undesirable behaviors. Instead, they did what many do and just put it off in the hopes that it will get better on it’s own.  I can say from lots of experience on this matter, undesirable behavior almost never gets better on its own.

After a long discussion with the Breeder (who has a standing policy to take any puppy or dog back if things are not “working out”) – we offered to give Dobbie a place to recuperate from the lack of effective Leadership in her human family and learn how to become a balanced Pack member.  At this point, we consider Dobbie a permanent part of our growing family.  If the situation changes and a human family comes along that is the “right” fit for Dobbie – we may consider adopting her out at that time.

Until then, we get the pleasure of her daily company and no-nonsense attitude!