Breed: German Shepherd
DOB: 6/1/2007
Weight: 80 Lbs.
Gender: Male/Neutered
Hometown: Bristol, RI
Nickname(s): Zeussie, Z-Man

While I have a lot of “buddies” here, Zeus is a Friend. According to his owner, there are very few humans that he really likes – even in his family! When I met Zeus in 2009 he had already been through 3 trainers with less than stellar results. On my first visit, it was clear that Zeus was a troubled soul. It was relayed to the owners upon rescuing him that he had a “troubled” upbringing.

Over time, and with many private, in-home sessions and even more stays here with the Pack, Zeus has emerged as the incredible dog he always had the potential to be. Up until that point in his life, nobody had been able to find the right “key” to help him. Well, that “key” can be different for each dog which is why it’s absurd to adopt a Singular Methodology in dog training….but I digress. Zeus is a wonderful male dog and I am extremely proud to have him as my dear friend….and so is the Pack!