Breed: Lab/Boxer/Pitbull Mix
DOB: 3/1/2009 – 1/25/2020
Weight: 85 Lbs.
Gender: Male/Neutered (Mn)
Nicknames:  Juice Man, Jedi Jack
Role: Ambassador, Arbitrator

Like many of our Pack dogs, Jack came to us after we had the fortunate opportunity to work with him and his human family. Jack and his sibling sister, Kelly came to us in September of 2009, for our intensive, 6-week In-Patient Behavioral Rehabilitation Program.  This was one of those cases where the family (mom, dad and several kids) were extremely loving and affectionate to their dogs, however, these dogs needed much more than love – they needed Leadership.  Both Jack and Kelly were horrifically Fear Aggressive to the point where the family felt they had no options other than euthanasia.  The family had tried other “trainers” who were unsuccessful.  In a last-ditch attempt to save the dogs they loved, they decided to make one last call…..to us.  That call changed their entire lives.

Kelly now lives back home under the tutelage of Brian Linares who has accepted the job of being the Packleader that Kelly so desperately needed.  Jack, on the other hand, was so much more deeply disturbed.  After much deliberation – we opened a spot in our Pack to him and have not had any regrets.  His comical ability to welcome new dogs and help them acclimate to the pack is absolutely astonishing.  Not a day goes by that he doesn’t make us laugh!

Now, many years later, Jack has emerged as one of the best dogs we’ve ever seen when it comes to helping other dogs in need.  That’s why we call him the Jedi-Master!

Update:  On Saturday, January 25, 2020 – we lost our beloved Jack to the evilness of cancer.  We worked hard over the past 6 months to make Jack’s life as comfortable it could be.  Our Vets assured us that Jack was not in any pain and that as long as he could mobilize to get outside, etc., he should still enjoy life as Jack was able to do! 

We did lots of tests to find out if there was anything we could do to prolong the inevitable.  We had a canine Therapeutic Massage Therapist come every two week in an effort to increase the ease of mobilization for him.  Watching my oldest soul-mate having trouble getting around was more than I could bear but as long as he wasn’t in pain and was eating and seeming to be “okay”…well, we kept going.  Until one day it had become very clear.  I looked into my boy’s eyes, as I had done for years, and he “told” me that it was indeed his time.

I will never forget Jack.  It was Jack that opened the “door”, and my eyes, to what formed the foundation of what has become our Training philosophy…casually referred to as “dogs training dogs”…but more technically known as Pack Dynamic Training.  If I had never met Jack, I’m not sure where I’d be today but I know for sure I would have missed out on meeting and spending time with one of the most incredible canine souls I will ever meet.

Rest in peace, Jack my friend…