Prince Rufus

Breed: Rottweiler
DOB: 12/29/2016
Weight: 15 Lbs. (on 3/7/17)
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): Roo, Prince
Role: The Puppy Prince

This young Rottweiler puppy was added to our growing Pack from Starkhaus Rottweilers in Dayville CT.  Arriving here at the ripe young age of 7 weeks, Prince Rufus will be “groomed” to lead this Pack someday. Many owners have their “breed” of choice and Rufus is the 7th Rottweiler I’ve owned in my life and at this stage, I feel as if I am educated about the breed enough to be able to help Rufus become the most balanced Pack Dog we’ve ever had.

This little “man” is full of confidence and has a very bright and fulfilling future.  I am honored to have this opportunity and will definitely be practicing what I preach so stay tuned…lots more of the Prince to come!