Breed: Weimeraner Mix
DOB: 1/1/2013
Weight: 65 Lbs.
Gender: Female/Spayed
Nickname(s): Queen Bee, Grey Goose
Role: The “Hot Chick”

Grace was born on or around the 1st of January in the 2013.  She was rescued at the age of 7 months by two long-time dog lovers, who share time between a home on the Cape and one in Matunuck RI, on July 5th, 2013 at the South County Animal Rescue League.

I came to know Grace when her owners reached out for some help with a few problems they were having with Gracie’s behavior. Now, I’m not sure about her, but for me…it was love at first sight. As soon as I made eye contact with her, she had me from that moment!  Gracie is a stunning beauty with an intellect to match. This was going to be tough!

It was clear that Gracie was out-witting her experienced dogs owners and had gotten to a point where her frustrations and boredom were being acted out upon.  And it’s not like the owners were ignoring her…quite to the contrary – they were putting in lots of effort…but seeing little result. Once we figured out together how to stay one step ahead of Gracie’s needs, she began to blossom at her home. 

Great thing is for us is that we got to be a part of the whole thing. Gracie has graced us with her presence for Boarding numerous times over the last 3 years and her and I have grown a wonderful bond. Despite her progress with her owners, Gracie still always struggled to “fit in” 100%.  After countless efforts from Gracie’s owners, they made the selfless decision that Gracie would be better off with the Pack. Gracie is incredibly intelligent and highly focused and human-aware.  She’s the one female dog I can put in with ANY dog, regardless of that’s dogs imbalance…and Gracie will do whatever I ask of her 100% of the time.  She’s one of few tough female dogs that I can pair with other “snippy” females and feel confident that she will not hurt that dog and is more likely to utilize the exact correct amount of Controlled Aggression to help that dog learn!  It’s simply awesome to be part of.

It is our honor for Gracie to be an official Pack Member!