Keeley Klitz

Current Relation to CBS: Training Consultant
Current Home: Foster, RI
Hire Date: December 21, 2013

In 2002 Keeley started training her own 2 dogs, a Bull Terrier mix and a German Shorthair Pointer, and began entering them in Obedience and Conformation shows just for fun. This sparked a real desire for her to work with dogs. Later that year she enrolled in and completed an Applied Animal Science Program at the University of New Hampshire.

After working and volunteering at various animal shelters in Rhode Island and New Hampshire, Keeley decided that her desired path in life would be to educate herself on how to better improve canine care and behavior while focusing on aggressive, fearful or “difficult” dogs.  

In 2009, Keeley chose to pursue higher education at the University of Rhode Island and in the summer of 2014, she received her B.S. in Animal Sciences.

Keeley is a “natural” and after completing her internship here with us, we decided to “scoop her up” before anyone else could and offered her a position working here helping those “difficult” dogs find peace and behavioral balance.  

She also works part-time as a groomer, pet-sitter and dog walker and plans to test to become a Certified Dog Trainer in the coming year or two.

In her free time, Keeley enjoys swimming or walking/hiking with her dog Jaeger, a male German Shorthair Pointer.