Breed: Shar-Pei Mix
DOB: 6/1/2011
Weight: 30 Lbs.
Gender: Female/Spayed
Nickname(s): Rizz-Whizz
Role: The Sweet Friend

Rizzo is one of the sweetest, most fun-loving dogs I’ve ever met.  Her inate “maternal instinct” is an incredible asset when it comes to helping Fearful or Anxious dogs who come here for help. Rizzo has an uncanny ability to use fun, play and affection as tools to aid in the acclimation of many Fearful dogs that come here.

Rizzo arrived here from an owner who had the best of intentions but really could not handle her as a young, vivacious dog with little to no training.  As soon as I met Rizzo, I knew I had to make a place for her within our Pack.  She’s quickly become an integral part of our process and we couldn’t help certain dogs without her.

Plus, she’s my young daughter’s favorite…so that does a long way too!

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