Breed: Golden Retrieverxx
DOB: 11/5/2011
Weight: 70 Lbs.
Gender: Female/Spayed
Hometown: Saunderstown
Nickname(s): Belle Belle, Belly-Boo

Belle was obtained from a reputable Breeder at the ripe young age of 6 weeks.  Belle entered our lives, much to our good fortune, in October of 2013 when her owners enrolled her into our highly specialized In-Patient Program to address some escalating serious concerns with her behavior. During her time here with us, it was obvious that Belle was a very intelligent, highly motivated Golden who was desperately seeking someone to “speak her language”. Luckily for us, our Pack speaks fluent “Dog” and we were able to help Belle find peace and Behavioral Balance.

Since then, Belle’s incredibly committed owners have utilized our Family-Style Sleepover service anytime they are away….and fortunately for us, that is quite often. Occasionally, a dog will come here for training and that dog will find such acute, positive behavioral change and they become so behaviorally balanced that they can actually give back to the newer dogs in need of behavioral assistance. Belle was the first to join our group as an Honorary Pack Member and we couldn’t be more grateful to her owners for continuing to have Belle stay with us where she can give back to future dogs in need of help.