Kaiser Vom Wachter

Breed: Rottweiler
DOB:  5/29/2011
Weight: 95 Lbs.
Gender: Male/Neutered (Mn)
Nickname(s): Kai-Koo
Role: The Icebreaker

This young hearty Rottweiler was purchased as a puppy by Brian Manning and is a “cousin” of Ruger, our late Lead dog.  They both have ties to Von Scosher Rottweilers in Seekonk MA.  Kaiser is Ruger’s 2nd cousin and, from the start, he has been raised with the Pack.  Kaiser quickly established himself as the “ice breaker” – the dog that we use to help some of the more behaviorally imbalanced dogs open up and accept the process.

Kaiser is somewhat stoic when he meets a new dog but once their roles are established, he can quickly become quite comical and playful. When he encounters an unbalanced dog with Fear or Aggression – his reaction is almost always the same…he tells a few “jokes” and then invites them to play. That’s why we call him…..the Ice Breaker!