Brian Manning, CPDT-KA

Owner, Lead Behavior Consultant
Manchester, NH

CPDT-KA Certified Professional Dog Trainer #2081640
APDT Premium Professional Member #74463
IACP Professional Member #3099 With over 30 years of professional pet industry experience, Brian, one of the true pioneers field of Cynopraxic Dog Training, heads a team that is recognized as the pre-eminent Pack Dynamic Training leaders in all of New England, and beyond! Taking full advantage of his innate ability to establish a clear line of communication and positive relationship with almost any dog – over the last 15+ years Brian has “saved”, and successfully trained, a Pack of rescue dogs (11 dogs currently) to a state of confident Behavioral Balance. By harnessing the incredibly natural processes of Allelomimetic Behavior along with Social Facilitation, Brian, along with his human and canine Pack, have the incredible ability to help any dog find peace and Behavioral Balance….regardless of the severity of their current and prior behavioral history. Add to this a natural ability to train humans how to be calm, confident and consistent Packleaders – our results are second to none! With a “never quit” attitude, Brian has been known to work with clients for as long as it takes to reach satisfactory training goals.  By offering his clients Unlimited Support for their entire dogs lives, Brian clearly shows his commitment to do whatever it takes to help the dog and owner find peace in their relationship while establishing a lifetime of Behavioral Balance.

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