Laura Golding

Position: General Manager
Current Home: North Kingstown, RI
Hire Date: September 15, 2014
APDT Professional Member #86283

Ever since she was a young child, Laura’s passion was to work with animals.  After High School, Laura made the commitment to follow her passion and completed her follow-up education at the University of Rhode Island, successfully receiving her B.S. in Animal Science and Technology in the Spring of 2013.  

Before coming aboard at CBS Inc, for most of Laura’s adult working life, she spent many years volunteering at local Animal Shelters to help less fortunate pets in need.  She has also worked at a Boarding Kennel and as a Professional Pet Sitter.

Laura’s love for animals is not limited to just dogs either.  In the last 10+ years, she has also owned and worked with, horses as well as raising her own “critters” on her small family farm located in S. Kingstown RI.  

While finding great satisfaction working with such a variety of animals, she has learned to most respect the relationship that can be earned with “man’s” best friend – the dog.

Laura finds incredible joy and contentment in experiencing the mutually respectful and wonderful nature of the relationship between dog and handler.  

She practices every day and hones her skills with her own dog Rogen, a neutered male Rottweiler who loves to go on hikes as well as swimming at the beach.  Her long-term goal is to continue furthering her education in order to help those dogs in most need of finding the inner peace and behavioral balance needed to be a wonderfully happy dog.

We are quite fortunate to have this incredible PackLeader as part of our team!