Katie Conlon

Position: Kennel Technician
Current Home: Coventry, RI
Date of Hire: August 23, 2023

Katie grew up on a farm in Stonington Ct. where she enjoyed the outdoors working with retired horses and raising Golden Retrievers. 

She especially remembers the joy of all the puppies. Watching, and eventually helping, with the deliveries was such an impactful experience, for Katie. This time helped Katie decide she would devote her life to working with animals. 

After finishing her education, Katie began working as a Veterinary Technician, working at an animal hospital where she took a particular focus on working with sick puppies (Parvo).
During her time at this Vet office, Katie worked in the boarding facility where she became the Lead Animal Handler…giving baths and nail trims and working with aggressive dogs.  
After spending her younger years caring for other people’s animals, Katie decided to finally start a family of her own.  She is now the proud mother of 3 boys – Greyson, Theo and Ethan.
Katie considers raising her boys to be her most wonderful achievement of all time!