Breed: Rottweiler
PASSED: 8/2015 (RIP Pal)
Weight:110 Lbs
Gender: Male/Neutered
Hometown: Hope Valley
Nicknames: Roogie Doo

The Original Leader of the Pack – and all the dogs knew it!  I got Ruger as a puppy and from the age of 7 weeks, he was trained to be a calm, confident and consistent role model for all dogs who were admitted into our Board & Train and Behavioral Rehabilitation Programs.  His ability to lead in the rehabilitation process was incredibly invaluable and during his “tenure” he utilized his skills to help countless dogs with dog aggression, separation anxiety, fears/phobias and a whole host of other behavioral imbalances.  His communication skills were second to none.

So many dogs who have come here for help owe their positive behavioral change, in no small part, to the precedence set by Ruger. He’s the one that actually “trained” me how to understand, harness and effectively utilize the incredible Pack Dynamic Training method.

When he reached the age of 8 years old in 2014, Ruger was retired from “active duty” and got to enjoy all the hikes and rests in the shade he had worked so hard for. Truth be told, he was the best friend and teammate a fellow could ever want….and boy do I sure miss him. Thanks for all you did for me my friend…..

Rest in peace good buddy..

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