Breed: American Bulldog
DOB: 7/26/15
Weight: 90 Lbs.
Gender: Male/Neutered (Mn)
Hometown: Seekonk, MA
Nickname(s): Francis, Frankie-Face, Frankenstein

Frankie came to us here as a young adolescent who was practically scared of his own shadow. He was fearful and nervous of new people and was growing increasingly aggressive towards other dogs. Frankie worked tirelessly with the Pack in our In-Patient Program and all of his hard work has paid off! Frankie is now a much more balanced, confident and happy dog. When he comes to visit for our Family Style Sleepover Service he navigates his way through the Pack effortlessly and is always eager to make new friends – both two and four legged! We are proud to have Frankie on our team of Honorary Packmembers!