Breed: Golden Retriever
DOB: 12/12/2008
Weight: 65 Lbs.
Gender: Male/Neutered
Hometown: Charlestown
Nickname(s): Shy-Guy, Big Red

Shiloh is owned by an incredibly wonderful couple in Charlestown RI, who received a young 8 week old Golden puppy as a gift from a family in North Carolina. The owners first contacted me when Shiloh was a young adolescent Golden who was giving them a run for their money. We started out with some Private Session In-Home Training with the recommendation that Shiloh come Board with us, every once in a while, to help him gain some Social Skills and confidence outside the confines of his Charlestown estate.

After much hard work and dedication to their dog, Shiloh is now known as a happy, loving and exuberant dog especially during his regular visits to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. He communicates his exuberance and love to each person he greets leaving them to feel very special. This overshadows the holes dug in the yard and the 10 plus dog beds he has demolished…..according to his owners!

Over the years, Shiloh has Boarded with us countless times and this has led him to possess a wonderful social prowess that is now giving back to other dogs in need.  Shiloh is the perfect dog for us to put out with young exuberant males, which were previously his nemesis.  It’s just amazing the resiliency and flexibility that is Dog Behavior.

When I first met him, if you would have told me that Shiloh would someday be able to help behaviorally imbalanced, immature male dogs…I would have laughed.  Now, Shiloh is one of the few dogs that come here that we can rely on to be an asset to our collective and he’s actually giving back to those dogs, what he’s learned since coming here.

We’re very proud of you Shiloh!

It’s because of all the incredible assistance, as well as her incredible sweetness, that I decided to offer her a spot as an Honorary Pack Member…to which she thankfully accepted!