Breed: Chocolate Lab
DOB: 2/1/2007
Weight: 60 Lbs.
Gender: Female/Spayed (Fs)
Nickname(s): Beets
Role: The Alpha Bitch

Lola is definitely the Alpha bitch around here!  She came to us in 2009 as an In-Patient Rehabilitation case from a client in Waterford, CT who kindly opened her home and heart to this shelter dog with an unknown past.  While nobody can be certain, her past was obviously less than “stellar” as she very quickly exhibited some dangerous Fear Aggressive behaviors.  After spending 6 weeks in our In-Patient Rehabilitation Program back in 2008, Lola had come full circle and was doing wonderfully. Unfortunately, after exhausting all efforts, her kind and loving owner was not able to continue on with her rehabilitation and training and contacted us for help in placing her.

While working with Lola we saw in her a great ability to lead dogs, with come continued training on our part, so we offered her a spot in our Pack – to which she graciously accepted!  She’s been helping to balance out other dogs ever since….just stay out of her way!