Ashton Turchetta

Position: Kennel Attendant
Current Home:  Charlestown, RI
Date of Hire:  June 7, 2021

Growing up Ashton was always been surrounded by animals. From chickens, birds, and rabbits, to fish, dogs, and ferrets. Ever since she can remember, she’s always had a love for animals. Alongside her sister, she learned the responsibility of taking care of a dog through volunteer work around their neighborhood.

The two siblings would do “good deeds” in the neighborhood – things such as dog walking and pet sitting.  This helped to teach them how to care for a dog responsibly and prepared them for their first dog Posey, which came to them when Ashton was in 3rd grade. 

Posey, who was a seriously independent dog, ended up being a great family pet and Ashton’s first experience of what it entails to be a responsible dog owner.

Ashton joined our team in the summer of 2021 as a new Kennel Attendant and she works hard every day to learn as much as she can about canine behavior and how she can help dogs in need!

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