Breed: Bichon Frise
DOB: 5/1/2008
PASSED: 12/2015
Weight: 20 Lbs.
Hometown: Hope Valley RI
Gender: Male/Neutered
Nicknames: Uncle Rem, Rembadoo

Oh boy, what a story Remy was.  I met Remy during a quick stop I made a few years ago at the Exeter Animal Shelter in Exeter RI.  Upon my arrival, I quickly noticed 3-4 very concerned workers. When I inquired what the concern was about – they all intimated that there was a very aggressive dog “in the back” that nobody could get near.  When I turned the corner to see what all the fuss was about…there he was, a dingy white, snarly-fluffed little dog avoiding making any eye contact.  I was warned not to go in the run with him for fear of him biting anything he gets near. Long story short – I quickly bonded with Remy.  One of the kennel volunteers was so delighted that Remy actually did not have to bite – she adopted him.  Fast forward several years (and several bites to the owners later) – we were contacted with a plea to take Remy into our Pack.  After requesting that the owners to go through one of our Training Programs first, we finally gave in and offered Remy a spot here with our expanding Pack.

Remy eventually turned into an excellent Canine Rehabilitator, but…his inner “demons” were incredibly strong. For many years, Remy was on a variety of medications in an effort to “quiet” the self-directed turmoil that plagued him each and every day. After many years of doing everything we possibly could to help Remy’s emotionally based issues, I finally had to make the heart-wrenching decision, with consult in each of our team members, to put Remy down. While Remy found some peace when he was busy….it was the down times that were getting so bad that Remy would injure himself. It just wasn’t fair to make him go on any longer…

We miss you old buddy.  RIP Rem…