Taming Tucker The Tyrant

Training Program:  Canine Behavior Training Program (CBT)
Hometown: N. Providence, RI

There aren’t enough words to express how appreciative my fiance and I are for the hard work and dedication Brian and his Pack put into rehabilitating our rescue dog, Tucker.

For an entire year, and after a total of 8 bites, our family lived with feelings of fear and anxiety due to Tucker’s aggressive behavior towards some of our favorite humans.

Tucker’s first In-Home Session turned into 6 weeks of Board & Train with Brian and his Pack in the Canine Behavior Training Program.  

This was not an easy decision but certainly the best we have made thus far. When Tucker came back home, he was truly a more balanced dog who was willing to do anything to please his Packleaders.

Fast forward 4 months since returning home from rehabilitation & training and Tucker continues to excel and accept new challenges.

Brian has not only rehabilitated our boy, but has given my fiance and I the tools necessary to be the Leaders that Tucker needs us to be.

I would recommend Canine Behavioral Services to anyone looking for Dog and Packleader Training!

Follow-Up Message (see below):

Thank you for everything you have done to help us with Tucker!

We all enjoyed our In-Home Session today and are looking forward to our next Session where you can check out Tucker showing off his new Treadmill skills!

Mark and Ashley L.
N. Providence, RI