Scout Goes Out & About

Training Program: Canine Behavior Training Program (CBT)
Hometown: Charlestown/Boston, MA

Brian Manning is an amazingly gifted dog (and people) trainer.

I found Brian when I was looking for help with persistent issues with my dog – he was reactive towards other dogs, going for walks was a nightmare, he was unpredictably snappy towards me, and he was a horrible resource guarder. These behaviors crept in and got worse over time.

I consulted other trainers with little improvement.  I became increasingly frustrated and thought there was no hope.  And then I found Brian.

It was clear to me during our first consultation that Brian understands dogs at a level that most trainers don’t.  His approach doesn’t just rely on clickers, treats, special collars, etc.  It’s really about helping your dog find balance by developing the right relationship between dog and human and presenting the right kind of energy.

Those other methods may be tools in the process, but it is ultimately the relationship between human and dog that creates balance.

After my initial consultation with Brian, I decided to send my dog, Scout, to Brian’s Canine Behavior Training Program.  Scout lived with Brian and his “pack” for 6 weeks, and he came home an entirely different dog.  But even more important than training my dog, Brian then started training *me*.

There is no doubt that Brian can resolve any behavioral issue your dog has. But in order for these changes to become permanent, you need to change many of your behaviors as the owner.  In my case, I was absolutely not being the leader, which was the root of my dog’s issues.

When Scout came home, I had to make A LOT of changes to the way I dealt with my dog.   I won’t lie, it was a tough adjustment at first.  But Brian gave me the chance for a “do over,” and I wasn’t going to blow it.

And let me tell you, it was so worth it.  I now have the relationship with my dog that I always wanted to have.  His resource guarding issues are behind us; he is no longer leash reactive; I can take him to dog parks and he has a blast; and most importantly, I learned how to be his leader.  I am so much happier, and if Scout could talk, I think he would tell you that he is happier too.

What’s also really important here is that Brian is always there to support you.  The re-homing process takes a lot of adjustment for you as the owner.  Your progress won’t happen in a straight line, because it is a significant adjustment for both you and your dog.

Brian is ALWAYS there for you, he responds very promptly and thoroughly to any of your questions or concerns.  He doesn’t just drop your dog off and then disappear.  He genuinely wants to make sure that you and your dog succeed for the long term.

Brian has allowed me to have a relationship with my dog that I never thought I could have.

Scout and I aren’t perfect, and we work on it every day, but the progress we have made is mind blowing.  I know that some people think that overly glowing reviews on yelp are fakes.  I can assure you that this is not.

Brian Manning is the real deal.  I am more than happy to speak to anyone who is considering Brian’s services, just ask him for my email address.

Andrea A.
Charlestown, MA