Not-So-Little Miss Lila

Training Program: Basic Manners Puppy Workshop
Program Start Date:  September 20, 2015
Hometown:  Westerly, RI

Let me start off by telling the story of Lila. She is a stunning, affectionate, intelligent, very impulsive and very powerful 9 month old, 70 pound female Rottweiler puppy. When she was 10 weeks old we realized we needed help with Lila.  She was very impulsive and stubborn. That is when I went in search of a Trainer. Brian is the only one that impressed us. From that day forward Brian has been a constant in Lilas’ life. She recently completed a 3 week Basic Manners Program which Brian himself said was challenging. The Lila we sent in September is not the Lila we have today. She is calmer, less impulsive and easier to redirect. Don’t get me wrong she is still a work in progress but with Brian’s guidance we will get there.

Thank you seems like such an inappropriate word to sum up all Brian, his team of professionals and his pack has done for this family. You are all amazing and your Canine Behavioral Services is a gift you share with all of us who just happen to love a dog.

Susan F.
Westerly RI