Guapo Grows Up To Be Good

Training Program: Canine Behavior Training Program (CBT)
Hometown:  N. Smithfield, RI

This is a little overdue, but Joe and I wanted to thank you so much for rehabbing our boy Guapo.

It was one of the best decisions and investments we’ve made since owning him.  Our relationship with him has improved significantly.  There is a lot more respect and trust between all parties.

Guapo needed a lot of work and will continue to need to work but most of all, thank you for teaching us to be better leaders.

We love him and want to be the very best owners we can for him.

Just a quick update: Guapo continues to do well. We have removed all blue tape except for the kitchen boundary line, however, he is improving on that. He continues to work on his impulsiveness/excitability. The challenge is still when company comes over or comes to the door–but we know this is still an area we need to dedicate some time to.

We are building time on the treadmill with him.

The other day we were outside and he was on his 30ft leash. Although I have done some “heels” with him on a short leash with a treat, I have not been so consistent with the longer leash. BUT – I called his name and “heel” and he came running on command. What a good boy! He got lots of love for that.

We have been able to start expanding our walks off our property as well and he is pretty good about behaving during those walks.

All in all, everything has greatly improved and continues to improve. It is much easier to be Guapo’s owners now, and I have to believe it is easier to be Guapo now! We would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone!

Thank you for everything. We are still looking forward to having Guapo come stay with you for a bit in October.

We’ll continue to be in touch about that.

Thanks again,

Melissa M.
Smithfield, RI