Bringing Back A Balanced Bula

Training Program: Canine Behavior Training Program (CBT)
Hometown:  E. Greenwich, RI

In the summer of 2014, we reached out to Brian and CBS Inc.’s Behavior Training Program to help us address changes in our then 3-year-old Lab/Shep Mix, Bula.

Since moving to RI (from CA) she had become increasingly anxious, stressed and aggressive. While she was a rescue dog that we had done extensive training, obedience and socialization work with, we no longer trusted her due to her changes in behavior and unpredictability.

After ruling out any medical issues, we were really at a loss for what could be done.

When Brian came to our house to meet us and Bula, we asked…“How is this going to be different from everything else we have done?”

Brian took his time explaining the process, asking us a lot of questions to understand what made Bula tick and respond before taking her back to is kennel to work with his Pack.

The six weeks that passed while she was away felt long. We had been seeing updates on Facebook but when she came home….we were amazed! The goofy, happy Bula was back, but better. However, it quickly became clear that she was also calm, confident and balanced in herself as a dog.

Brian spent a long time with us, talking through what he had learned about Bula, what he found worked with her and showing us different techniques to help her.

Our most important job was to understand how to set Bula up to be successful, what works for her isn’t the same as other dogs and that’s okay.

Brian and CBS gave us back our confidence as dog owners, gave us tools and most importantly our trust in Bula…and as importantly, her trust in us!

CBS isn’t a “one size fits all” dog training program, it’s a “this is what will work with your dog” behavioral learning program.

She continues to learn, to socialize in a positive way and stay balanced when she spends time boarding with CBS. She associates it as a very positive place, the whole car shakes from her tail wagging when we get off the freeway to drop her off.

In the summer of 2015, our family moved to Singapore which has very strict quarantine rules. We reached out to Brian and CBS to help prepare her for this very long travel, quarantine, and very new environment.

During her 2 week pre-flight stay with CBS, Brian took her to carefully timed USDA vet appointments, managed all the necessary paperwork, coordinated with the pet relocation company AND went out of his way to ship Bula’s favorite toys to us!

Since arriving in Singapore, Bula immediately adjusted to urban living. We walk by lots of people, dogs, buses, and bikes all confidently and calmly on a loose leash.

Thank you, Brian and CBS for everything you’ve done for Bula and our family!!

Susan M.
E. Greenwich, RI