Basic Manners Puppy Workshop



Basic Manners Puppy Workshop      $875.00*

* ONLY for puppies under 18 weeks of age - NO EXCEPTIONS
* No established Behavioral Issues accepted in this Program

Basic Manners Puppy Workshop is specifically designed to treat certain aspects of puppy behavior that are most influential during the crucial "training phases" of the Critical Learning Period (7 to 18 weeks of age). This period is arguably and easily one of the most influential periods of time for learning that a dog will ever experience.

Program Highlights

  • 14 Days of Expert Puppy Behavior Training & Socialization
  • 1 In-Home Training Session (up to 3 hours) upon completion

  • This is EXACTLY what puppies under 18 weeks of age NEED!
  • Successfully addresses ALL puppy behavior issues
    • Socialization, Housebreaking, Mouthing, Jumping Up, Barking and much more

  • Using Positive Based Methods ONLY
  • Starter Leash & Martingale Collar provided
  • Unlimited Support for the life of your dog

Enrollment: A $250.00 Deposit is required to begin the Enrollment Process - click here: ENROLL HERE!
Once your Deposit is received, you will receive priority scheduling placement and the most current list of openings to choose from.

"What's Covered" - including but not limited to:

  • Bite Inhibition - Mouthing/Nipping
  • Impulse Control - Jumping Up, etc.
  • Positive Socialization - Human & Canine
  • Stimulus Desensitization - Sound, Sight, Movement
  • Positive Name Association - Recall
  • Leash Acclimation
  • Housebreaking
  • Basic Obedience - Shaping (Sit, Down, Stay)
    • and much, much more

Puppy Workshop pre-qualifications for Enrollment

  • must be at least 12 weeks of age
  • must have 2 sets of "puppy shots" (Distemper Combo)
  • pups older than 16 weeks must have their Rabies Vaccination

While it seems almost ludicrous to send your puppy away to "camp" not too long after bringing that cute little "fuzz-ball" into your home, one thing we know with absolute really only get one shot at doing things "right" during this most crucial learning period in your puppy's life. There's never any question whether or not owners want their pups to grow up being well-behaved...but what is in question is the owners ability, time & resources available to them in their efforts to help lay a "foundation" of balanced behaviors, as a young pup, to build on all the way to adulthood.  

If the right amount of time and effective effort is not committed at this early stage...well, we can clearly open the possibility of the puppy learning to practice undesirable, it's much more likely that more intensive, time-consuming training will be required later in life.  You wouldn't wait to put insurance on your car until after you get into an accident...why take a "wait & see" attitude to your puppy's future behaviors?

The Critical Learning Period

In Canine Developmental Psychology, a critical period is a maturational stage of puppyhood during which the nervous system is especially sensitive to certain environmental stimuli. If, for some reason, the puppy does not receive the appropriate stimulus, during this Critical Learning Period, to learn a given skill or behavioral trait, it may be difficult, ultimately less successful, or even impossible to develop some functions later in life.  

There are essentially 6 main Critical Periods (of Learning) in a puppy's life:

Neonatal Period - 0 to 12 days: the puppy will respond to warmth, touch, and smell but cannot control bodily functions such as temperature and elimination.

Transition Period - 13 to 20 days: eyes and ears are open, but sight and hearing are limited. Tail wagging and bodily function control begin.

Awareness Period - 21 to 28 days: sight and hearing function well. Learning to be a dog actually, begins during the Awareness Period.

Canine Socialization Period - 21 to 49 days: interacting with his mother and littermates, the pup learns various canine behaviors. He is now becoming aware of the differences between dogs and humans.

Human Socialization Period - 7 to 12 weeks: this is the best time to go into a new home. The pup now has the brain waves of and adult dog and has the ability to learn respect as well as simple behavioral responses like sit, stay, and come. Housebreaking begins, and the puppy now learns by association. The permanent human/dog bonding begins, and the pup is able to accept gentle discipline and establish confidence.

Fear Impact Period - 8 to 11 weeks: smack dab in the middle of the Human Socialization Period. During this time, frightening or traumatic experiences can have a permanent effect on future behavior. Children or other animals should be prevented from scaring the puppy during this period - either maliciously or inadvertently. It is very important now to introduce other humans, but under close supervision to minimize chances of adverse conditioning. Learning at this age is permanent. This is the stage where you wonder if your dog is going to be a "wuss" all his life. Also introducing your puppy to other dogs at this time will help him become more socialized.

Seniority Classification Period - 13 to 16 weeks: At this age, the puppy begins testing dominance and leadership. Biting/Mouthing behavior is absolutely discouraged from thirteen weeks on. Praise for the correct behavior response is the most effective tool. Meaningful praise is highly important to shape a positive attitude. Establishing Positive Behavioral Patterns is crucial for future behavioral balance. 

* All prices are valid within 40 mile (Service Area) radius of our locaton in Hope Valley RI and are subject to change without notice.
* Additional charges will apply to Programs outside of the established Service Area