The Snap-Around "Volhard" Training Collar has long been the first choice of true professional’s. ALL collars are hand-made specifically to order by our manufacturer in Alabama. This handmade nylon collar is used by world-renowned instructors and successful trainers, snaps around the dog’s neck for a more precise fit (made in 1/2" graduated sizes). It's designed to stay in place and give the handler better control for more effective training.

The Snap-Around Volhard Training Collar is different from other training products in that it is placed around the dogs neck as opposed to being fitted "over the head" like other training collars. This type of collar has a snap on one end, a floating or loose ring, and a stationary or static ring on the other end. The snap is attached to the floating ring to be used as a training collar, and the lead is attached to the stationary ring; thus, this collar allows a better fit, and stays high up on the neck behind the ears. With proper fitting this collar should not slide down the neck, but stay in this position giving the handler better control for more effective teaching. Do not leave the collar in training position (snap attached to floating ring) on dog when not in training.

Colors Available:  Red & Black

PLEASE NOTE: an EXACT measurement is needed

Collars are sized in 1/2" increments from 7" to 30"

Measuring Instructions

* Size:

* Color:

Obedience, agility and field trainers from coast to coast recommend this lead. The 5' length is ideal for formal training and the length of choice for our Trainers here at Canine Behavioral Services.  We also offer this Latigo Leather Lead in 6' length as well, for those who prefer a longer lead for training.

Hand cut and hand braided, these soft latigo leather leads are just right for all your training needs. Comes standard with a Brass (Mahogany Leather) or Nickel (Black Leather) snap.

Look for Latigo Leather on your leash to know you have the best.

Colors Available: 
-  Black with Nickle Plated Snap
-  Burgundy with Brass Plated Snap

Lengths Available (in feet):  4' & 6' 

Widths Available (in inches): 1/4", 1/2", 3/4"

Measuring Instructions



Our high-quality Martingale-style dog collar has an added quick-release snap buckle for easier on and off! Martingale collars are safer than regular buckle collars, choke chains or prong collars. Used with a leash or with your hand, the Martingale collar tightens when your dog pulls and loosens when he stops, so it’s only tight when it needs to be. These collars give you greater control and reduce the risk of your dog slipping out and escaping.

-  Quick-snap buckle for easy on and off
-  Custom fit is perfect for growing puppies
-  Secure fit prevents dogs from escaping or backing out of collar
-  Safer & more comfortable than a choke chain that is always tight
-  Tightens when dog pulls and loosens when dog stops pulling
-  Perfect for “escape artists” with necks larger than their heads
-  Not recommended for tie-out use or during group play
-  Made of 100% durable nylon

Colors Available:  BlackPurpleGreen Apple, Raspberry

3/8" Petite (3/8" x 7-9 inches): $9.95
3/4" Small (3/4" x 9-11 inches): $12.95
3/4" Medium (3/4" x 11-15 inches): $14.95
1" Medium (1" x 11-15 inches): $15.95
1" Large (1" x 13-20 inches): $16.95

Measuring Instructions



You step outside with your dog for the evening walk, and immediately a new smell reaches his nose. Off he bolts, eager to search and explore until he finds the source of this curious new scent. If not for the trusty All-Purpose Nylon Training Lead you have attached to his collar, he might race straight across the neighborhood, cause damage to your or your neighbors' plants and gardens, or worse, end up in the middle of the street. Leashes are an incredibly important part of owning a dog, and the right leash can save you and your pet from a world of trouble every single day.

- Ideal for everyday use
- Choose from matching collars too!

Colors Available:  Black, Purple, Green Apple & Raspberry

Size:  3/4" Width x 6' Length


Why a long leash? This training leash is great for teaching your dog recalls. Allowing your dog to wander away from you a bit with the security of knowing that you're still in control is the first step to a reliable Off-Leash Recall. "Come" or Recall, is one of the most important commands for your dog to learn.

This Nylon Long-Line has the strength needed to ensure positive control of you pup while training. This leash is made from nylon which is extremely durable yet lightweight.

This is a valuable, quality training product at an affordable price!

Colors Available:  Black, BluePurple, RedBlaze Orange

Lengths Available: 10', 15', 20', 30', 40', 50'

3/8" Long-Line (for small dogs)
3/4" Long-Line (for medium to large dogs)




The Neck-Tech training collar with quick release by the original Herm Sprenger is a revolutionary training collar with a superior design that enhances not only the performance of the collar, but also gives it a stylish and ultra discreet appearance. This Neck-Teck collar features the easy to use Herm Sprenger quick release snap.

Herm Sprenger Neck-Tech dog training collars are made in Germany of top quality stainless steel. Each element is stamped from solid coiled steel stock and is designed for use with all dog breeds, including both short and long haired dogs. Herm Sprenger Neck-Tech tines are designed to imitate the shape of dog's teeth, creating a "natural influence" over the dog. The stainless steel construction makes the Neck-Tech training collar by 100% rust proof, and the strength of the materials makes this light weight design extra sturdy and incredibly strong.

Superior to a plastic banded prong collar in longevity, style and performance, the Neck-Tech training collar proudly represents German innovation and quality at its finest. Plus, the enclosed design conceals the prongs making this collar very discreet. Links can be added and removed to alter the size of the collar to fit any size dogs neck. All components 

Herm Sprenger Neck-Tech dog training collars are the finest dog training collars made today and are guaranteed never to rust because the superior materials used by Herm Sprenger offer uncompromising quality.