Private Session Puppy Program

Our incredible Puppy Workshop capitalizes on the most formidable learning period for any dog – the Critical Learning Period

Private Session Puppy Program

The Private Session Puppy Program is specifically designed to take advantage of a puppy’s ability for acute profound “critical learning” that occurs within the crucial “training phases” of the Critical Learning Period  (7 to 16 weeks of age).  These critical learning phases are known as the Human Socialization and Seniority Classification Periods.

This Puppy Program can successfully address ANY and ALL common troublesome puppy issues, but as with ALL In-Home Training Programs, the results largely rely upon the owners ability and level of commitment to practicing the training exercises.

Private Session Puppy Workshop

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The Critical Learning Period

In Canine Developmental Psychology, a critical period is a maturational stage of puppyhood during which the nervous system is especially sensitive to certain environmental stimuli. If for some reason, the puppy does not receive the appropriate stimulus, during this Critical Learning Period, to learn a given skill or behavioral trait, it may be difficult, ultimately less successful, or even impossible to develop some functions later in life.  

There are essentially 7 main Critical Periods (of Learning) in a puppy’s life:er close supervision to minimize chances of adverse conditioning. Learning at this age is permanent. This is the stage where you wonder if your dog is going to be a “wuss” all his life. Also introducing your puppy to other dogs at this time will help him become more socialized. 

Here’s a more in-depth explanation of a puppy’s Critical Learning Periods: