Private Session Program - Level 2

This Program is designed to provide owners with proven solutions for MODERATE to SEVERE canine behavioral issues

Private Session Program - Level 2

In our highly comprehensive Private Session Level 2 Program, together we will uncover the true underlying issues are that are actually “fueling” the behavioral problems your dog is exhibiting. In most cases, the true nature of the problem is not actually the behavior being displayed.  Treating the “symptoms” is what most “training programs” focus on.  Not here at CBS.  We actually get to the root of the problem and treat that actual causes…not just the symptoms.

From the very moment we start our Program at your home, we begin to install custom-designed Impulse Control & Leadership Exercises that are so effective, you’ll begin to see positive results immediately.  By the time you’ve completed your 1st Session, you’ll have the tools and the knowledge to help your dog find peace and behavioral balance.

The Private Session Level 2 Program is best suited for owners with some level of prior experience working with difficult dog behavior.  

Private Session Program - Level 2

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About our Private Session Level 2 Program

Aside from a few rare instances, dogs are not born with behavior problems.  They learn to “rehearse” and practice their behaviors through Consequential Learning, or trial & error (Reinforcement vs. Punishment). Over time, the dog will consistently repeat those behaviors that produce a positive outcome (Reinforcement) and discontinue the behaviors that produce a less-than-desirable outcome (Punishment).

Eventually, the dog will have a behavioral repertoire of Learned Behaviors to choose from in order to navigate life with their humans, other dogs and their environment.  Once a behavior has become solidified in a dog’s repertoire, it can be increasingly difficult and time-consuming to successfully modify, as many of you probably already know!

While for the vast majority of SEVERE behavioral issues we would normally recommend our comprehensive Board & Train program, the In-Patient Program, so that we can actually work hands on with the dog – for the owner who has worked with a SEVERE case before or who has plenty of time and a good grasp on Canine Behavioral Psychology, then the Private Session Level 2 Program can be just what those owners are looking for.

And don’t forget – ALL of our Programs come with Unlimited Support for the dog’s life!