This offering is Custom-Designed to provide positive training solutions to ALL Behavioral Issues

Private Training - Problem Solving Session

In our Private Training – Problem Solving Session, our lead Trainer, Brian Manning CPDT-KA, will come to your home to teach you and your family how to successfully address ANY and ALL Undesirable Behavioral Issues.  

The long-term success of any Private At-Home Training relies almost solely on an owners ability to comprehend and practice, with 100% consistency, the exercises and protocols that are prescribed by the Trainer.

This offering can be an incredibly viable solution for owners who have the time and desire to learn how to train their own dog!  Because the owner is the one that is doing all of the actual hands-on training every day, the Private Training – Problem Solving Session has the ability to establish and solidify an incredibly strong Leader-Follower Bond between owner and the dog.  

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  • Follow-Up Sessions must be scheduled within 90 days of First Session

Private Training - Problem Solving Session

  • 1 Private At-Your-Home Session - up to 3 hour of expert training advice
  • Sessions are conveniently held at your home or place of business
  • Offering solutions to ANY and ALL Undesirable Behavioral Issues
  • Utilizing Scientifically-Sound, Positive-Based Training Protocols
  • Offering Session scheduling options 7 days a week
  • Starter Leash and Martingale Collar provided
  • Unlimited Support for the life of your dog!
  • We reserve the right to decline acceptance for any reason


  • This offering is best suited for MILD to MODERATE Issues such as:
  • Housebreaking, Mouthing, NIpping, Excessive Barking
  • Greetings - Jumping Up, Door Darting
  • Recall Training - Not coming when called
  • Loose-Leash Walking, Crate Training
  • Over-Excitement, Hyper-Arousal
  • Counter Surfing, Stealing Items
  • ANY & ALL Undesirable Behavioral Issues

About our Private - Single Session Program

In our Private Training – Problem Solving Session we will come to your home to teach you and your family how to help your dog find peace and balance in his or her behaviors.  There’s obviously quite a bit more to it than that, but in essence, the long-term success of any In-Home Dog Training relies largely upon the owner’s ability to comprehend, absorb and ultimately practice, with 100% consistency, the exercises and protocols prescribed by the trainer.

  • Follow-Up Sessions are available on an As-Needed or Requested Basis
  • Unlimited Support (via phone, email, Skype, etc.) for the life of your dog!

Because this offering will rely upon the owner and family to conduct ALL Training without the Trainer present, we would strongly recommend this Program for experienced owners with dogs who are experiencing MILD to MODERATE Behavioral Issues.  For more challenging cases, such as Fear, Aggression, Separation Anxiety, etc…we would recommend that you consider one of our incredibly successful Board & Train Programs.

Important Note:  While we will provide you with expert, proven, positive-based solutions to the problems you would like to address – this Program does NOT have our Trainer doing the Training for you.  We will demonstrate the practices and protocols we prescribe however, the results rely upon your ability to successfully train your own dog. 

Often times with MILD behavioral issues, all it takes is for someone to identify where the real “issues” are and set up a custom-tailored set of Behavioral Training Practices and Protocols where EVERY family member makes subtle (or sometimes major) changes to the way they communicate and interact with the dog for a period of time while you work to positively modify any undesirable behavior. And one of the great added benefits of this Program will be the strengthening of the incredibly important Leader-Follower Bond!