Private Session Training

This offering is custom-designed to provide positive training solutions to many common mild Behavioral Issues

Private Session Training

Offering Expert Training for the owner & family at their home!

2 Distinct Private Session Training Offerings (see below for more details)

In our Private Session Training, one of our expert Trainers will come to your home to work with your puppy or dog, as well as you and your family, to learn the most natural & effective way to train, and communicate with, your four-legged best friend!

Private Session Training can be a great solution for dogs with no serious behavioral issues who have committed owners with the time and desire needed to be successful in their training endeavors.

Please Note:  We do NOT accept any level of Aggression in Private Session

Our two Private Session offerings:

  • Puppy Program – 2 Sessions for pup 8 to 20 weeks of age (no exceptions)
  • Single Session – natural solutions for Mild to Moderate Behavioral Issues
Private Session program details below

Foundational Training at the most influential time in your pup’s life!

Critical Learning Period

Age Restriction: for puppies between 8-20 weeks of age (No Exceptions)


Program Scheduling

  • 2 Sessions are conducted at your home, or chosen location

    • scheduled 2-3 weeks apart for up to 5 hours of Session time

      • 1st Session: 2-3 hours
      • 2nd Session: up to 2 hours

Puppy Program Training Focus

  • Foundational Behavior Training specific to new puppies

    • Housebreaking: pups can be eliminating outside in 1-2 weeks
    • Name Association: how & when to use your pups name effectively
      • an absolute “must” for a strong and reliable Recall
    • Mouthing/Nipping: the right way that is quick, gentle & effective
    • Leash Acclimation: setting up for future Loose-Leash Walking
    • Desensitization: sights and sounds the puppy may find startling
    • Any & All common puppy foundational behavior issues!


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  • ALL Private Sessions include Unlimited Support (via email, text or phone)!
  • CBS Inc. reserves the right to decline acceptance into any Program for any reason.

Single Session provides proven Behavior Solutions in 1 Session

Offering positive solutions to most Mild to Moderate Behavior Issues

Program Scheduling

  • Single Session conducted at your home, or chosen location

    • lasting up to 3 hours in duration
    • all humans involved in your dogs daily life are urged to attend
    • NO Aggression accepted in Single Session

Common Behaviors
– covered in this Problem-Solving Single Session:

    • Housebreaking
    • Crate Training
    • Pulling on Leash
    • Not Coming When Called
    • Door Greetings/Manners
    • Hyper-Arousal/Over-Excitement
    • Counter-Surfing/Stealing Items
    • Mouthing/Nipping
    • Excessive Barking
    • Jumping Up
    • And Many More

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  • ALL Private Sessions include Unlimited Support (via email, text or phone)
  • CBS Inc. reserves the right to decline acceptance into any Program for any reason.

The long-term success of any Private Session Training, done with the owner at their home (as opposed to the more comprehensive and ultimately more long-term successful Board & Train programs) relies almost solely on an owner’s ability to comprehend and practice, with near 100% consistency, the exercises & protocols that are prescribed by the Trainer.

Private Session Training can be an incredibly valuable and viable solution for owners who have the time and desire to learn how to train their own dog! 

With the owner being the one that is doing all of the actual hands-on training every day, Private Session Training has the ability to establish and solidify an incredibly strong & rewarding Leader-Follower Bond between the owner and their dog.  

for every Private Session offering can be found below under the tab titled “Exact Rates by Service Area”


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Private Session Training (At-Your-Home)

Behaviors Not Recommended

in the Private Session Training Programs

Any Fear or Anxiety Based Behavior

For help with Separation Anxiety
Click Here

Anxiety and/or Fear-Based Behaviors

Anxiety and Fear-Based Behaviors can be some of the most difficult and challenging behaviors to remedy.  

These types of behaviors are often fraught with misinterpretations and Unintentional Reinforcement and an owners efforts to help their dog with these emotionally-fueled issues can oftentimes actually make matters worse!

And, for dogs that have been with the family since puppyhood…well, those dogs can actually believe their owner(s) taught them to be this way.

Because we feel this is one of the few behavioral issues that can actually get worse with owner-centered training…we do NOT recommend enrolling in our Private Session Training for any Fear/Anxiety-driven behavioral issues.

For effective, all-natural, proven successful training for dogs exhibiting Fear or Anxiety Based Behavior: Click Here!

Behaviors Not Accepted

in the Private Session Training Programs

NO Aggression - to humans, dogs or both

For help with Aggression cases
Click Here

ANY Level of Aggression

Just because your dog has exhibited Aggression does not mean that he or she is now classified as an “Aggressive Dog“.  No more than a human who gets upset is an “Angry Person”.  

While many owners see Aggression as being the issue they feel the dog needs help with, we see Aggression for what it actually is…a “tool” with which many dogs have learned is a successful “go to” whenever they need to STOP the human or another dog from advancing against their safety or interests.

Because Aggression can be a very dangerous Behavior to work with AND it requires certain specific Resources that owners simply do not have access to AND it can be extremely misunderstood or misinterpreted AND it can put others in a position to receive possible injury…we have chosen NOT to accept ANY level of Aggression into any of our Private Session offerings.

For scientifically-sound, all-natural Behavior Modification for any level of Aggression exhibited by your dog: Click Here!

Here's a recap of Private Session Training

In our Private Session Training, you can expect to have one of our expert Trainers  come to your home, or your chosen location, and depending on your Program selection and training needs, we will advise, instruct and demonstrate for you and your family how to effectively help your dog make better choices.

All Private Session Training results are obtained through Force-Free, Positive Reinforcement-Based Training. 

There’s obviously quite a bit more to it than that, but in essence, the long-term success of any In-Home Private Session Dog Training relies largely upon the owner’s ability to comprehend, absorb and ultimately practice, with 100% consistency, the exercises, and protocols prescribed by the trainer

Included in our Private Session Training offerings

At your home or chosen location following the Board & Train portion

  • included with Puppy Program
  • available for Single Session by owner request, as needed

All Programs come with Unlimited Support during and after Training Program

  • via phone, email, text, social media, Skype, FaceTime
  • questions answered within 24 hours of receipt, in most cases

Because this offering will rely upon the owner and family to conduct ALL Training without the Trainer present, we would strongly recommend this Program for experienced owners with dogs who are experiencing MILD to MODERATE Behavioral Issues.  For more challenging cases, such as Fear, Aggression, Separation Anxiety, etc…we would recommend that you consider  our incredibly successful Board & Train Program.