The MOST comprehensive, All-Natural Canine Behavioral Rehab & Training Program ever available…anywhere!

In-Patient Behavioral Rehabilitation & Training

A highly-specialized Board & Train Program treating up to severe behaviors

Considering most Aggression cases utilizing an all-natural, socially facilitated Methodology

This Program is like the others!

The In-Patient Behavioral Rehabilitation & Training Program is easily one of the most comprehensive, all-natural, socially facilitated behavioral training programs for dogs available anywhere in the Northeast. 

Utilizing two naturally occurring behavior learning processes, first documented in nature, Social Facilitation & Allelomimetic Behavior, our experienced Pack of well-balanced dogs can help almost ANY dog with ANY behavioral issues. 

It’s as if your dog’s behavior is under a specific type of “lock” and we are the “locksmiths” with the Pack being the “keys” we use to open up your dog.

Under the guidance of our expert human trainers, dogs enrolled into our In-Patient Program experience a safe, natural training environment, using scientifically-proven behavioral training practices.  The result of this style of training is a calmer, more confident dog who will choose the more appropriate behavior in any context.

In-Patient Program - Important Details

  • Board & Train: 45 days of specialized, socially-facilitated Behavior Modification

  • In-Home Training: Up to 3 Human-Training Sessions at your home
    • 1 Re-Home Session at the end of Board & Train (lasting up to 3 hours)
    • 2 Follow-Up Sessions scheduled within 60 days of the previous session

  • 1 Follow-Up SleepOver Reservation within 30 days after Board & Train
    • Sleepover Reservations 1st Reservation scheduled at Enrollment
  • The In-Patient Program – the ONLY Program we offer to treat Aggression cases

  • Treating MILD to SEVERE Aggression (Human, Stranger & Dog/Animal)

  • Dogs exhibiting Aggression are accepted on a case-by-case basis
    • We reserve the right to decline acceptance of any case for any reason
  • PET Sessions are provided ONLY in our comprehensive In-Patient Program

    • Expert Trainer will bring your dog to a public space to improve behavior
      • locations such as Pet Smart, Home Depot, Tractor Supply, etc.
      • to work in some real-world environments to proof positive changes
  • Social Facilitation occurs in nature in EVERY animal “family” EVERYWHERE!
    • Your dog in need will follow the lead of the more balanced dogs
      • Often referred to “monkey see, monkey do”!

  • Social Interaction & Play are vital daily events and will enhance joyful learning

  • NOBODY can teach a dog about good behavior better than a well-balanced dog

Many highly committed and loving dog owners contact us hoping they will be able to change their dog’s severe, and oftentimes dangerous, behavior with just In-Home Training Sessions

I only wish it were that easy!

In my many years of experience, I have learned that owners are just way too “close” to the dog and their undesirable behavioral patterns. 

In reality, unless the owner just rescued a new dog to the family…every owner is “part & parcel” of the development of the very undesirable behaviors they now wish to extinguish. 

From the dog’s perspective, because they are under the belief that their owner actually “taught them” to be this way (unintentionally, of course)…this can be VERY confusing to the dog most often leading to stagnant or non-existent progress in any training efforts.

Well then, what does work?  I’m glad you asked!  In my experience, the most effective and natural way to modify even the most severe behavior issues requires the dog to spend some time away from the owners.  

During this time, the dog will learn how to make vastly improved choices and subsequently, will exhibit vastly improved behaviors. The previous undesirable behaviors will no longer be unintentionally reinforced so they can begin the path towards extinction.

The dog will actually learn to choose the behavior that produces the most predictable and positive outcome, on his or her own, with the Socially-Facilitated help of our Pack of well-balanced dogs and expert human PackLeaders!

In-Patient Program & Enrollment Details

People ask us all the time, “what are the…

steps to having a dog?"

We’re glad you asked!  Check out the 5 easy steps below!

Steps to Enrollment

Click the Sign Up Now link above!

  • If we have questions we will contact you for more information

  • If we accept your case, we will respond by email with:
    • Program Acceptance or our Recommendation
    • Exact Rate Quote for your Service Area
  • The Exact Rate Quote we send will be valid for 48 hours
  • To secure your spot in line for Scheduling, Accept Your Quote
  • A $100 Deposit is required to receive & secure Scheduling
    • The Deposit is refundable for up to 48 hours

  • Once we receive your Deposit, we will send to you by email
    • Scheduling Options: 2-3 options for your Service Area

Advanced Scheduling is recommended and often required!

  • You will choose the following important dates:
    • Drop-Off/Start Date
    • Re-Home Session (weekend availability is limited)
      • We recommend all direct family members attend 

Once Scheduling is set, we’ll send the following forms for completion:

  • Questionnaire: due no later than 4 days prior to Start 
  • Services Agreement: signature within 48 hours of receipt

What Behavior Problems

does the In-Patient Program treat?

This Program treats up to SEVERE Behavioral Issues
on a case by case basis

Including but not limited to:

  • Human, Stranger & Dog directed
  • Fear-Based or Territorial Aggression
  • Resource Guarding

  • Aggression issues are accepted on a case by case basis.
  • We reserve the right to decline acceptance of any Aggression case.
  • Including but not limited to:
    • Destructive Chewing
    • House-Soiling
    • Excessive Vocalization
      • including Separation Anxiety

This is our behavioral specialty!  Right in our “wheelhouse”!

  • With all-natural Social Facilitation, our Pack will help your dog:

    • Feel better about him in canine social encounters
    • Display vastly improved, socially acceptable behaviors
    • Learn to allow you the human to control their Safety
    • Our Pack of calm, balanced dogs will show the way!
  • This Program will greatly curb the following nuisance behaviors:

    • Incessant and/or Excessive Barking
    • Unnecessary Whining
    • Personal Space Encroachment & Violations
    • Any & All Undesirable Attention-Seeking Behaviors!
  • including Leash Reactivity – with or without Aggression
  • With PET Sessions, we show great improvement where it matters
  • Daily compliance exercises:
    • For the Verbal Commands: Sit, Stay, Come

About our incredible In-Patient Program

Unlike your typical 2 to 3 week Board & Train programs offered by other compamies, our highly-specialized, one-of-a-kind In-Patient Rehab & Training Program has your dog living with us at our home alongside our highly-experienced Pack of well-balanced dogs who will “pave the way” for some incredible behavioral changes to occur. 

Working here in a relatively familiar “home-type” setting, we can successfully address even the most severe behavioral issues, such as Aggression.  Replicating this “home-type” environment is critical when it comes to modifying tough behaviors and creates a much better chance at long-term success.

Dogs don’t live in “kennels”, they live in homes – thus, they don’t behave the same way in a kennel as they do at home.  One of the reasons our Program can be twice as long as our competitors is because we take an all-natural approach. 

We don’t even start the training process until the dog feels 100% safe in this environment so that he or she can begin to behave “normally”!

Our absolute #1 concern when working with dogs, especially In-Patient dogs, is SAFETY.  Whether it’s the safety of our Pack dogs, the dogs in our care or our staff here…we are keenly aware of the potential issues involved in working with dogs exhibiting Aggression and have a proven track record of professionalism and safety.