The MOST comprehensive, All-Natural Canine Behavioral Rehab & Training Program ever available…anywhere!

In-Patient Behavioral Rehabilitation & Training

  • A highly-specialized Board & Train Program treating up to SEVERE Behavioral Issues
  • Utilizing our incredibly All-Natural and highly successful Pack Dynamic Training Method
  • Most Aggression cases are accepted (on a case by case basis)
  • This Program consists of 45 days of Board & Train followed by 2+ In-Home Sessions
  • All Program Rates are assessed by Service Area and can be found below*

The In-Patient Behavioral Rehabilitation & Training Program is easily the most comprehensive, All-Natural Socially-Facilitated behavioral training program for dogs available anywhere.  Our highly specialized In-Patient Training process is often times the ONLY solution to some very serious, and often times dangerous, canine behavioral issues.

Utilizing behavior modification processes first discovered occurring in nature, Social Facilitation & Allelomimetic Behavior, our incredible canine pack can help almost ANY dog with ANY behavioral issue.  It’s as if your dog’s behavior is under a specific type of “lock” and we are the “locksmiths” with the Pack being the “keys” we use to “open” up your dog’s behavioral “lock”.

Some of the awesome benefits of this incredible In-Patient Program include:

  • Public Exposure Training (PET) – we don’t just work on serious behaviors, such as Leash Reactivity with Aggression, on our training premises but we will take your dog into the public sector (public parks, dog parks, etc.) to proof positive behavioral patterns where it truly matters.  This incredible benefit is NOT offered in any of our other Programs.

  • Dog Social Behaviors & Aggression – easily our greatest strength is our ability to take almost any level of Aggression (Dog/Dog, Human-Directed, Fear-Based, Territorial, etc.) and turn it completely around to reach a point where the once Aggressive Dog is now highly Human & Dog Social.

  • Establish Positive Behavioral Patterns including Obedience Compliance – while the focus of this Program is NOT Obedience Training…we utilize all-natural Obedience Training exercises to establish a pattern of positive behaviors that simply supplant the previous undesirable behaviors and non-compliance to your requests.  For example – your dog will “come when called” EVERY time, provided you practice the prescribed protocols with great consistency.

Nobody, I mean NOBODY can teach a dog about balanced behavior better than a calm, confident and balanced Pack of dogs!

In-Patient Rehab & Training Program Details

  • 45+ days of specialized Behavior Modification and Socialization
  • Followed by 2+ In-Home Sessions to teach you and your family
  • This Program will regularly succeed where others have failed
  • Establishes a pattern of positive & productive behavior
  • Check out what these owners had to say: Testimonials
  • Training Leash and Martingale Collar provided
  • Unlimited Support for the life of your dog!
  • The ONLY Program of it's type..ANYWHERE!


  • Aggression (All Levels) - Human, Stranger & Dog Directed
  • Public Exposure Training - Includes Off-Premise Work in public
  • Fear Based Behaviors & Reactivity - with or without Aggression
  • Separation Related Behaviors including Separation Anxiety
  • Vastly Improved Loose-Leash Walking - in public spaces
  • Positive Socialization & Rehabilitation - with the Pack
  • Enhanced Obedience Exercises - Sit, Stay & Recall
  • Leash Reactivity - with or without Aggression

About our incredible In-Patient Program

Unlike your typical 2 to 3 week Board & Train programs offered by most trainers, our highly-specialized, one-of-a-kind In-Patient Rehab & Training Program has your dog living with us at our home alongside our highly-experienced Pack of well-balanced dogs who will “pave the way” for some incredible behavioral changes to occur.  Working here in a relatively familiar “home-type” setting, we can successfully address even the most severe behavioral issues, such as Aggression.  Replicating this “home-type” environment is critical when it comes to modifying tough behaviors and creates a much better chance at long-term success.

Dogs don’t live in “kennels”, they live in homes – thus, they don’t behave the same way in a kennel as they do at home.  One of the reasons our Program can be twice as long as our competitors is because we take an all-natural approach. 

We don’t even start the training process until the dog feels 100% safe in this environment so that he or she can begin to behave “normally”!

Our absolute #1 concern when working with dogs, especially In-Patient dogs, is SAFETY.  Whether it’s the safety of our Pack dogs, the dogs in our care or our staff here…we are keenly aware of the potential issues involved in working with dogs exhibiting Aggression and have a proven track record of professionalism and safety.