CBS Training Program Offerings

Board & Train

First we train your dog, then we train you!


For the past 15+ years we have been perfecting a scientifically-sound all-natural behavioral training method, we call Pack Dynamic Training. This highly-specialized behavioral training method utilizes processes found in nature – Social Facilitation and Allelomemetic Behavior. With this proprietary process, we are able to provide your dog with the most enriching and wholesome training experience found ANYWHERE!

Time spent with our Pack will reap life-long benefits to both you and your dog!

Board & Train: Pros, Cons and Points of Interest

Board & Train Programs

exclusively for pups 12 to 18 weeks (no exceptions)


designed to treat up to MILD behavioral issues (No Aggression)


for MODERATE to SEVERE Behavioral Issues (including Aggression)


Wondering what to do while your dog is away training?

Private Training - Problem Solving Session
& Multi-Dog Programs

Private Training Session at your own home or Multi-Dog Training at ours!


Private Session Training can potentially solve any issues an owner is experiencing with their dog(s) however, the level of success or behavioral change relies almost solely on the owners ability to consistently execute the prescribed exercises and training protocols as well as learning how to communicate with their dog in a type of language that their dog can clearly comprehend.

Brian has been helping owners, and their dogs, for over 25 years!

Private Training: Points of Interest

Private Training At-Your-Home

We reserve the right to decline acceptance based upon the severity of the Behavioral Issue(s).


Specialized In-Patient Program for Aggression issues between 2 or more dogs in the same house