Welcome to The Kind Canine

A Social Club for Dog-Friendly Dogs

Doggy DayCare at the Kind Canine

We are proud to finally offer a premium Doggy DayCare service with a focus on Balanced Behavior and not just a crazy, free-for-all, like some daycares have become.

We will not only be working with dogs that have a history of being well-socialized or have an easy time making new friends…we’ll also be offering a DayCareProgram for dogs that may have flunked out of other daycares.

2nd Chance Thursdays!  That’s right…you read it here – even dogs that have “flunked out” of other doggy daycares, like so many of our past four-legged friend…your dog may just find the help they need here?!

For dogs that are known to be “socially challenged” but have never shown true Aggression towards another dog – AND, would really appreciate a ” 2nd Chance” just select a Thursday when you submit your DayCare Reservation!

Our parent company, Canine Behavioral Services Inc, is owned & operated by Certified Professional Dog Trainer and behavioral specialist, Brian P Manning CPDT-KA.

One of the great benefits of this is that all dogs in our care are constantly and consistently supervised by our well-experienced behavioral training staff of PackLeaders.

Regardless of what brings a dog here to us, there is one single thing we focus on above and beyond all else…and that is SAFETY

It makes little difference whether a dog comes here for a few nights of social SleepOver while their owner is away…or maybe the dog is here for 6+ weeks of intensive Behavioral Rehabilitation – there is one thing we focus on first.  SAFETY is always our #1 concern. 

The safety of your dog, the dog’s in our care as well as the safety of my team…there is nothing we take more seriously than this!

Offering DayCare Services Tuesday through Saturday

  • Full-Day 
    • Drop-Offs: between 7:30 am – 9:00 am 
    • Pick-Ups: between 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
  • Half-Day 
    • Drop-Offs: between 7:30 am – 9:00 am
    • Drop-Offs or Pick-Ups: between 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
    • Pick-Ups: between 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

To qualify to attend Doggie DayCare, your dog must be:

  • readily friendly with dogs he or she has just met in a social setting

Any dog that is NOT a current Client here at CBS will be required to go through a Social Behavior Assessment before acceptance


Current CBS Inc. Client

“My dog has previously attended Training or SleepOver” 

  • If your dog is proven dog-friendly, submit a Reservation

Current Client DayCare Reservation: Click Here


New Client to CBS Inc.

“You have not met my dog but he or she is dog-friendly”

  • For New CBS Clients, the 1st DayCare visit is an Evaluation Day
    • we will contact as soon as the results are in!!

New Client DayCare Reservation (dog-friendly): Click Here


New Client to CBS Inc.

“You have not met my dog and I am unsure if he is dog-friendly”

  • For dogs that have “flunked out” of other Daycares or have a history of anti-social behaviors around other dogs, a 2-Day SleepOver is required for a full Social Behavior Evaluation

To submit your 2-Day SleepOver/Behavior Evaluation: Click Here


If your dog has “flunked out” of daycares, there may still be hope!?

For the last 15+ years, I have had one goal for my training business and that was to keep dogs out of shelters!  In order for that to happen – dogs needed to be on their “best behavior” at home.  Nobody surrenders a well-behaved dog to the shelter, right?!  Bring on 2nd Chance Thursdays!!

Qualifications for 2nd Chance Thursday

If your dog is “mostly” friendly with other dogs or “has some difficulty at times”, we can offer you and your four-legger a 2nd Chance!

However, dogs that have a history of dog fights that have ended in injury requiring medical attention will NOT be able to be offered a 2nd Chance at this specific time.

However (there is always a BUTT!)…if you do truly believe your dog deserves a 2nd chance and have set a goal to prove this…we can offer the possibility of reaching that goal through our Pack Dynamic Training process by enrolling your furry pal in our In-Patient Behavioral Training Program.

I’m just not sure my dog is safe with other dogs

If you are truly and honestly unsure of whether or not your dog is an acceptable candidate for Doggy DayCare, there’s no need to worry – we’ve got you covered! 

At the very least, we can get you an answer to your question:  “Can my dog have dog friends?”

First, we will need you to schedule a SleepOver Reservation for your dog, with a 3 full day minimum (example: Friday AM Drop-Off / Sunday PM Pick-Up) During this Boarding stay, we will assess your dog’s sociability and subsequent behaviors with some of our experienced Pack dogs.

From there, we will advise you of our assessment and what course we will suggest you to take in order to get your dog prepared for DayCare, if we deem that possible in your dog’s future.  

In the event your dog does NOT pass this Assessment, if we feel we can help you and your dog with one of our Training Programs, we will advise this as well.

A typical day in our Canine Social Club at The Kind Canine

  • At Drop-Off, your dog will be given a cursory physical examination by one of our expert staff to ensure that nothing appears to be “out of place”
    • We will check your dog for any apparent injuries, scrapes, missing hair, limping, etc. as well as checking for any fleas or ticks.
    • Your dog will be weighed at this time and his or her weight logged in.
  • After the Exam, your dog will be brought into our DayCare room where and will be introduced to their own, specifically assigned crate until all Drop-Offs are in.
  • After Check-In: once all DayCare dogs are checked in, the fun begins as we slowly and safely begin to introduce all the DayCare dogs to each other.
  • AM; Social Interaction & Learning: From there, strictly supervised by one of our expert staff, your dog(s) will spend time playing, socializing and learning with each other.
  • AM; Training or Special Attention: Once all the dogs have had time to play, it is then time for the DayCare PLUS dogs to receive their requested Training, while the others continue with their social interactions:
    • 1 x 15-20 minute Loose-Leash Walk Training Session
    • 1 of 2 Recall Training Sessions. The 2nd Session will take place later in day
  • Bathing and Grooming: if you requested either a Salon Service or Full Groom – your dog will be brought over to meet with Danielle at The Classic Canine – A Grooming Salon for dogs to be pampered and beautified!
  • AM; Late Morning Nap: after 2-3 hours of social interactions and safe & productive playtime, ALL dogs are then led to their individual crates for the 1st of 2 daily rest/nap periods.
  • After AM Nap: after the dogs have rested for about an hour, its time for afternoon play & socially enriching learning under the expert supervision of one or more of our staff
  • PM; Training or Special Attention: once the dogs have had  time to play after their AM Nap, one of our Trainers will now work with the dogs there for DayCare PLUS providing expert training with either Loose-Leash Walking and/or the Recall Exercise


  • PM; Social Interaction & Learning: From there, strictly supervised by one of our expert staff, your dog(s) will spend time playing, socializing and learning with the other dogs
  • PM; Pre-Departure Exam & Rest Period; about an hour prior to the Pick-Up Time Frame, we will examine your dog from tail to nose to check for any apparent bumps, scrapes, missing hair, limping or anything out of the ordinary that was not present at the morning’s check-in.
    • Once this cursory exam is complete, your dog, now physically & emotionally fulfilled, will be resting comfortably in his or her crate, alongside ALL the other dogs, awaiting your arrival!
    • Upon Pick-Up, one of our staff will be available to answer any questions and to provide you with some commentary on how your dog did that day at DayCare!

Here at The Kind Canine, we focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY!

Caring for dogs during the day is NOT a new undertaking for us.  It’s basically what we are best-known for…being able to safely house, expertly care for and train dogs that are brought to us for a litany of reasons.

However, Doggy Daycare as a “stand-alone” service IS a new venture for Canine Behavioral Services Inc. 

That said, there is one thing we focus on, first and foremost, regardless of whether or not the dog is coming to us for a few nights of SleepOver or for 6+ weeks of intensive Behavioral Rehabilitation…and that is SAFETY!

With that in mind, initially we will be accepting no more than 10 dogs in for Doggy Care on any one given day.  

There’s no need to send anything except prescribed medication.

  • Feeding: please be sure to feed your dog prior to coming to DayCare, if possible.
    • Puppies that are fed 3 times daily, please send necessary meals in pre-portioned Zip-Loc bags
    • For Dogs that need to be fed during the DayCare day, please send food in pre-portioned Zip-Loc bags
  • Treats: we have an ample supply of premium quality treats. Happy to share!
    • If your dog has any dietary restrictions, please be sure to let us know
  • Toys & Bedding: we have a great supply of safe toys & clean bedding to share
    • Sending a worn t-shirt or towel to help your dog with initial acclimation (your scent can help) is fine as long as potentially not getting the article back is acceptable
  • Vaccination Records: we do require that your dog have a copy of his or her current Vaccination history.  Please do NOT send your dog’s entire medical history.
    • We simply request your dog’s CURRENT Vaccination history.

Another GREAT question!

First impressions are very important but sometimes it’s highly beneficial to “pull back the curtain” to see what’s behind the pretty facade.  While any business can look good from the outside…it’s the “nuts & bolts” that dog owners should be looking for. 

Here are some important topics I’d go through and check out before even considering sending my dog ANYWHERE with other dogs and humans present.

  1. Due Diligence – researching the Daycare company is a vital first step
    • Website: do they have a clean, professional website detailing their services?
    • Online Reviews: what are other dog owners saying about their experiences?
      • look for reviews that are current and clearly written by past customers
      • make sure the reviews are somewhat current, less than ~2 years old
      • Better Business Bureau: you could be surprised at what you might find!

  2. Contact Current Customers:  ask the business if you can contact 1 or more current clients to find out what they have to say about their experiences with the daycare

  3. Ask Questions – an owner should be willing and able to answer any questions
    • “What is your ‘handler to dog’ ratio?”  
      • Find out how many dogs are allowed together per each staff member
        • Recommended Ratio is no greater than 12:1 (dogs to Staff)
    • What is your Vaccination Policy?
    • How do you handle it if and when there is a dog fight?

The Kind Canine is a “members-only” daytime Social Club where dog-friendly dogs can spend their day productively in the company of other like-minded canines while being guided and trained by a group of humans who truly know what they are doing.  

This is NOT your average Doggy Daycare! 

Often run by young, less experienced dog-lovers, most doggy daycare businesses only have the ability to accept the most dog-friendly-dogs into their groups.  But, as CBS is owned by a highly experienced canine behavior specialist and staffed with a well-balanced group of seasoned dog trainers, The Kind Canine has the ability to aid mildly-socially-challenged dogs to find their “lane” in the world of social interaction with other dogs.  

While we would NEVER place a “dangerous” dog right into the mix of DayCare dogs…we do have many scientifically-sound, behavioral evaluation processes that would ensure we can ascertain the true nature of dog in question’s behavioral intent and whether or not that dog COULD have the ability to safely navigate socializing and playing with other dogs.

Doggy DayCare Rates

 Monthly Unlimited Pass holders are NOT required to make a Reservation and can show up on any day they like! 

Full Day

Daily social enrichnent - safe & supervised play
$ 25

each dog for a Full Day
  • $25.00 - each additional dog

Half Day

A shorter stay with the same awesome benefits!
$ 20

each dog for a Half Day
  • $20.00 - each additional dog

Full Day - Discounted Packages

Deeply Discounted Daily Rates!
As low as $ 19
00 per day
  • Each Pkg comes with 1 FREE DAY!!
  • Buy 10 Day Pkg - Get 11 Days ($22.75/day)
  • Buy 20 Day Pkg - Get 21 Days ($20.00/day)
  • **1 Month Unlimited Pass - $420.00**

Your dog’s comfort, care and safety are our top concerns

  • When not playing or socializing, dogs are resting comfortably in our DayCare room with lots of cool air in the summer and warmth in the winter!
  • When inside, dogs are safely interacting in our single-purpose, clean, sanitary and supervised Doggy DayCare room
  • When outside, dogs are safely playing and interacting in our secure Doggy DayCare yard lined with 6 inches Recreation Mix wood chips
  • Inside the DayCare room, the temperature is kept between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit with 50-60% Humidity
  • During scheduled daily “nap-time”, dogs relax with classical music radio and Lavender-scented diffusers designed to keep dogs at peace

You can add any of the great Services to your STANDARD DayCare

  • Loose-Leash Walking – our expert Trainers walk your dog Loose-Leash
    • 1 x 15-minute walk; $10.00
  • Recall Training – our expert Trainers will help greatly improve reliability
    • 1 x 15-minute Recall Training; $10.00
  • Social Play Time with The Pack – pre-approval Evaluation required
    • up to 30 minutes with select Pack Dogs; $15.00
  • Pro Grooming – at The Classic Canine.  Only available on FULL DAY
    • Salon Service: Spa Bath, Blow Dry, Ear Wipe, Nail Trim and more!
    • Full Groom: includes Salon Service plus breed-specific hair-cut!

We are now offering our super-convenient Transport Services, One-Way or Round-Trip, in the Tail Wagon for loyal SleepOver and DayCare clients!
(some location restrictions do apply)

  • Transport Service Rate – $35.00 per Travel Hour (in 15 min increments)
    • Travel Time starts and ends at our Hope Valley RI home base
    • Transport Services are offered One-Way or Round-Trip
    • We may require up to 1 week for advanced scheduling
    • A human adult (over 18) must be home to transfer your dog

  • Transport Service Times – Time Frames are estimated 
    • AM Time Frame:  7:00 am – 9:00 am
    • PM Time Frame:  4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
      • Approximate arrival times can be provided upon request

We regularly meet our devoted MA resident clients at the Home Depot in S. Attleboro MA as sort of a “car-pool” gathering spot for SleepOver guests who live in MA. 

The cost for a Transport Meet-Up Transfer at Home Depot in S. Attleboro is always $105.00.  You can request a Transport when submitting a Reservation!

We are elated that we are finally able to offer PM Transport Services to our incredibly committed dog-owner clients.  As well, we have extended our Transport Range to include New York & New Jersey as well as all of Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and most of Maine too!(some location restrictions do apply)

Currently, we have 1 Van for Transport.  It’s called the Tail Wagon and it is booked on a first-come, first-served basis.  So. if you are hoping to reserve a spot on the “bus” for your dog too…be sure to provide as much lead time as possible when requesting Transport Service.

Why send your dog to The Kind Canine for DayCare?

  1. Just like everything else in life, Doggy DayCare is not right for every dog or every owner.

In 2005, when I first started my research into Doggy Daycare…they were not very common.  Now, they’re everywhere with more opening their doors every year. One of the down-sides of this specific business-type is that it does NOT require ANY experience working with dogs to hang an OPEN sign on the door of ANY “Doggy Daycare” business, anywhere!

So, while there is clearly no shortage of options of where you can bring your dog, the real question is…is Doggy Daycare good for you and your dog?

There are some owners who swear by Daycare for their dogs and use them daily, while other people have horror stories of injuries and illnesses.

For the past 15+ years, I have owned my own Dog Training Business focusing on Pack Dynamics and Behavioral Training.  I have done tons of research on Daycares. I have visited countless daycare businesses from Manchester NH to Miami FL.  With that and over 20 years of experience in training…I should know at least a little bit about this subject and what I am talking about.

As a conscientious dog owner, I would like answers to the following 2 questions…

  1. What is your Staff to Dog Ratio?  How many dogs is one staff member in charge of?
    1. Between 8:1 and 10:1 would be considered to be a safe standard.

  2. Is there ALWAYS an experienced Certified Trainer on staff and present during DayCare?
    1. If not, I would want to know why and how they handle any Aggression incidents.

At the end of the day, I think most owners understand that canines are highly social animals and if their dog’s need for early Socialization is not provided during the crucial Critical Learning Period, what we have learned is that the dog will potentially mature into an adult dog with varying degrees of anti-social behaviors. This, in turn, greatly increases the chances that this dog will end up in a shelter, or worse! 

The real tragedy here is that this is a totally preventable outcome but it requires great sacrifice at a time when that sacrifice can be too difficult for some owners to bear.  

In my experience, for those owners who are able to put their own needs and emotions aside for a short period of time when they first get their puppy, or adult dog and allow their dog to learn from its own kind…under the safe and secure guidance of trained professionals…well, that sacrifice will “pay them back” for years to come!