Leah Carroll

Position: Social Media Manager, Kennel Attendant
Current Home:  West Warwick, RI
Date of Hire:  August 2, 2023

As far back as she can remember, Leah has had 2 great passions – caring for animals & taking pictures.

After finishing high school, Leah went on to further her education and received her associate degree in Photography.

Leah’s love for animals is reflected in her home life with 2 dogs, a 1-year Beiwer Terrier named Bear, an 18-year-old Toy Poodle named Snuggles, and her two black cats, Loki and Athena.

Leah feels blessed to have secured a position here at CBS Inc. where she has the “best of both worlds”…taking pictures and caring for dogs!

In her free time, Leah loves spending time with her partner and her animals, going for adventurous walks, or just relaxing at home. Either way, it’s the best of all worlds!