Toni Borgos

Position: Kennel Technician
Current Home:  Cranston, RI
Date of Hire:  August 15, 2022

At a young age, Toni knew she had a strong love and passion for working with animals.

Throughout her early adult life she has worked at dog boarding & training facilities, as well as vet hospitals and pet retail stores where she was able to gather a deeper understanding of the industry.

Having raised and trained her own dog Oscar, she realized she will forever have the desire to help teach dogs while further understanding their needs.

Toni feels that “working with dogs that struggle with behavior is really rewarding and being able to see their growth and development is the most rewarding part of it all!”

Toni is happy to be a part of the Pack here at CBS Inc. and she looks forward to learning how to be the best PackLeader she can be!