Sarah Darcy

Position:  Kennel Attendant
Current Home:  Exeter, RI
Hire Date:  July 19, 2021

Christina is new to the Dog Training & Care business but not new to being a Leader.

Her direct canine experience comes mainly from owning and enjoying two high-energy Dalmatians and two amazing Mixed-Breed rescues.   

Christina discovered Canine Behavioral Services, in 2011, after adopting her second rescue dog.  The trouble came in the fact that she already had two equally dominant female dogs in the household.  There was no way she was ever going to give up on these two dogs and knew she needed some help learning how to be a better pack leader. 

Christina worked hard and long to help her pack and says the largest contributing factors to her eventual success were the tools and knowledge she obtained after working with Brian and his canine crew here at CBS Inc.

She and her dogs have always had an active lifestyle.  Exercising, walking, swimming and hiking are all on the daily agenda for Christina and her pack.  This has helped to keep her in shape for her previous “full-time” occupation as a personal trainer, for the past 25 years. 

But, after experiencing the incredible transformation of her rescue dogs after working with Brian, she realized it would be amazing to actually really work in that environment, helping dogs and their people to get “in shape”, behaviorally. 

Christina hopes to be a great PackLeader and to help all the dogs at Canine Behavioral Services to have a truly rewarding & enriching experience. By following her beliefs: that even though dogs can’t “speak human” for themselves, they certainly offer their humans all the canine cues and body language to communicate with us…it is now up to us to learn their language, not the other way around.