The Magnificent Molly O

Training Program: In-Patient Program
Program Start Date: June 6, 2017
Hometown:  Grafton, MA

We cannot say enough wonderful things about Brian and his pack. Molly Jane attended the in-patient rehabilitation program in June – July 2017. Prior to sending her to Canine Behavioral Services, she had escalating anxiety and dog aggression. We knew that we were reinforcing her behavior towards other dogs as well as her anxiety but were unsure how to break the cycle.

Brian and his pack were a life saver. Molly J returned home a more balanced, calm, happy dog and we had a long list of our own behaviors to change. I still smile every time we go on a walk and her tail is up and wagging in excitement again! The other day another dog came bolting up to her off leash and she merely tucked her tail and walked away. I never thought I’d see the day! She even tried to play with a puppy on a hike!

Each time we pull onto the street to go for a sleepover, Molly starts whining and crying in excitement. If that is not a testament to what an incredible place Brian runs, I do not know what is. Our friends and family constantly ask what kind of “voodoo” magic Brian and his team practice because of all the pleasant changes they’ve seen in Molly J. She is certainly a new, more balanced, happier dog. Brian saved our relationship with our dog.

Kim O.
Grafton, MA

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