Understanding the Misunderstood

Training Program: In-Patient Program
Program Start Date: January 18, 2015
Hometown:  Wakefield, RI

I just wanted to say that I can see such a change in Noodles. Never has he been so calm! (And me as well). I brought him to the Vet yesterday for his annual check-up and he did amazing. Stood on the scale with no problem which has never been possible in the past 2.5 years of owning him. I could tell he was nervous but his response was to sit calmly. We passed by 3 dogs within 1 foot of him in the lobby which he was definitely interested in meeting but was easily redirected towards me. He even happily let the Vet touch him all over whereas in the past he cowered in my lap or bolted for the door. It was amazing to see him at peace.

Thank you so much for giving me and Noodles the tools to lead a positive and peaceful life 🙂

Follow-Up Email/Update (see below):

Hey Brian!

Just wanted to update you and say everything is going great with Noodles’ walks. We’ve been using the walking tips you showed us last time and have made many improvements. We’ve even walked within 5 feet of a cat without any issue! I also walked Noodles on the beach today. Granted we worked on our walk for 2 miles before we got there so that probably helped reinforce good walking manners…but it was very successful! He walked right beside me and we never got to the choking at the end of the leash point of excitement. We practiced our recall and even spent a few minutes off leash. It wasn’t perfect but it was definitely a positive experience! Thanks so much!

Sarah G.
Wakefield, RI

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