What’s Wrong With Westie

Training Program: Basic Manners Puppy Workshop
Hometown:  E. Greenwich, RI

Our Westie puppy, Astro, recently completed the Basic Manners Puppy Workshop with Canine Behavioral Services and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

My husband and I welcomed a baby girl in March and were very much looking forward to having her grow up with a family dog. Having had a westie before, we knew the breed could be stubborn, but we were up for the challenge – or so we thought.

When we brought our baby home, Astro picked up on the fact that someone else was getting the attention that used to be all his and he started acting out toward my husband and I. We knew something had to change.

After searching the internet, we came across CBS and thought it seemed too good to be true. We spoke with Brian and made the decision to enroll Astro in a 3 week board and train program with two in-home training sessions. While we knew we’d miss Astro, we thought it was the best decision for him and our family.

When Astro returned, he was a changed pup! He was calmer, more balanced and much more well-behaved than he was when he left for training.

Astro has been home for a couple of months now and we’re pleased to report that his good behavior is here to stay.

We can’t thank Brian and his team enough for all they did to help! We’ll be using CBS for boarding in the future and we know Astro will enjoy visiting his friends in the pack!

Michele L.
E. Greenwich RI