Private Session Level 2



Private Session Program - Level 2
      starting at $975.00

*Treating Moderate to Severe Behavioral Issues
* Including Aggression, Separation Anxiety, Fears & Phobia's

Program Highlights

  • 4 Sessions at your home or business (up to 10+ hours total)
  • Successfully addressing MODERATE to SEVERE behavioral issues such as:
    • Aggression (with or without bite history), Leash Reactivity, Fear/Anxiety, Separation Anxiety, etc.

  • Adhering to the LIMA Principle & Humane Hierarchy (
  • Unlimited Support for the life of your dog!

Enrollment: A $100.00 Deposit is required to begin the Enrollment Process - click here: ENROLL HERE!
Once your Deposit is received, you will receive priority scheduling placement as well as well the most current list of openings to choose from.

"What's Covered" - included but not limited to:

  • On-Leash Human & Canine Greetings
  • Greatly Improved Impulse Control
  • Perfect Loose-Leash Walking - with distractions
  • Reliable Obedience Compliance
  • Solid Recall - with distractions

PLEASE NOTE: Aggression, with or without Bite History, is accepted in the Level 2 Program

Level 2 Program - some common MODERATE to SEVERE Behavioral Issues

  • Human-Directed Aggression - owner/stranger
  • Conspecific Aggression - dog on dog
  • Separation Anxiety - w/ crate training
  • Leash Reactivity - w/ Aggression
  • Door Greetings - w/ Aggression
  • Running Away - no Recall
  • Crate Training
  • Jumping Up
  • Irrational Phobia's
  • Excessive Licking
  • Extreme Fearfulness
  • Hyper-Arousal/Excitement
    • Successfully treating ANY & All Moderate to Severe Behaviors

In our highly comprehensive 
Private Session Level 2 Training Program, together we will uncover where the real issues are and identify the breakdown in Leadership so that we can begin to stop any further development, and "practice" of, the undesirable behaviors. From there, we install incredibly rewarding Leadership & Impulse Control Exercises that are so effective, you'll begin to see results immediately.  By the time you've completed your 1st Session, you'll breathe a huge sigh of relief and will feel as if a very heavy weight has been lifted! And you don't have to believe me, feel free to contact any of the past clients on our Testimonials Page.

Aside from a few rare cases, dogs are not born with behavior problems. They learn to practice and develop all behaviors, through trial and error (Reinforcement and Punishment). Then they decide which behaviors are viable to practice regularly (those that have received Reinforcement) vs. those behaviors which they deem to produce an undesirable outcome (those that have received Punishment).  Eventually, the dog has a repertoire of Learned Behaviors to choose from in order to navigate life with their human, other dogs and the environment.

Generally speaking as a rule, dogs "Love the Lover and Follow the Leader". It's quite simple. We teach dogs to be good Followers while teaching owners to be Calm, Confident and Consistent Leaders!

We offer Unlimited Support with every one of our Programs and we are deeply committed to working with owners until we reach the highest attainable level of success.

** If there is any question as to which Program your case qualifies for, final determination of program acceptance will be made by our owner and Lead Trainer, Brian Manning CPDT-KA.

* All prices are valid within 40 mile (Service Area) radius of our locaton in Hope Valley RI and are subject to change without notice.
* Additional charges will apply to Programs outside of the established Service Area