Private Session Level 1



Private Dog Training Session Program - Level 1     $675.00

*Treating up to Mild Behavioral Issues
* No Aggression accepted in Level I Program

Program Highlights

  • 3 Sessions at your home or business (up to 7 hours total)
  • Successfully addressing MILD behavioral issues such as:
    • Pulling on Leash, Coming When Called, Jumping Up, Obedience Compliance and much more!

  • Following the LIMA Principle & Humane Hierarchy (
  • Establish Solid Obedience and Behavior Foundation
  • Unlimited Support for the life of your dog!

Enrollment: A $100.00 Deposit is required to begin the Enrollment Process - click here:  ENROLL HERE!
Once your Deposit is received, you will receive priority scheduling placement as well as well the most current list of openings to choose from.

"What's Covered" -  including but not limited to:

  • Loose-Leash Walking - No More Pulling On Leash
  • Coming When Called - Recall 
  • On-Leash Greetings (Human & Canine) 
  • Greatly Improved Impulse Control
  • Reliable Obedience Compliance
  • Jumping Up/Counter Surfing
    • Any and All Mild Behavioral Issues - per our discussions with you, the owner

PLEASE NOTE:  No Aggression accepted in the Level I Program

 Level 1 Program - some common Mild Behavioral Issues

  • Not Coming When Called
  • Pulling On The Leash
  • Housebreaking
  • Crate Training
  • Jumping Up
  • Door Darting
  • Stealing Items
  • Counter Surfing
  • Over-Excitement
  • Basic Obedience Compliance

In our Private Session Level 1 Training Program we will come to your home to teach you and your family how to help your own dog find peace and behavioral balance. There's quite a bit more to it than that, but in essence, the long-term success of any In-Home Program relies largely upon the owner's ability to absorb and practice, with 100% consistency, the exercises, and protocols that are prescribed by the trainer. Regardless of the behavioral issues you're experiencing with your dog, we can assure you with great confidence that it doesn't have to be that way. In our experience, while there's really no successful "short-cut" to training, it certainly doesn't have to be all that difficult or time-consuming.

Often times with mild to moderate behavioral issues, all it takes is for someone to identify where the real "issues" are and set up a custom-tailored set of Behavioral Training Practices and Protocols where the every family member makes subtle (or sometimes major) changes to the way they communicate and interact with the dog for a period of time.

Dog behavior is highly malleable and with the consistent Leadership...behavioral balance is not far behind!

Alternative Training Training Programs offerings:

  1. For dogs with MODERATE to SEVERE Behavioral Issues, that do not qualify for Level 1 Program:
    1. At-Home Training: Private Session Level 2
    2. Board & Train: In-Patient Behavior Program

  2. For dogs that would benefit from spending time with our expert Staff and balanced Pack of dogs (up to MILD issues):
    1. Board & Train: Canine Manners Camp

** If there is any question as to which Program your case qualifies for, final determination of program acceptance will be made by our owner and Lead Trainer, Brian Manning CPDT-KA.

* All prices are valid within 40 mile (Service Area) radius of our locaton in Hope Valley RI and are subject to change without notice.
* Additional charges will apply to Programs outside of the established Service Area