Family-Style Sleepovers



Show me a dog who still cannot perform a task after it has been trained over and over again, and I'll tell you who the slow learner is. - Barry McDonald

Family-Style SleepOvers - Services & Rates Menu

  • Standard SleepOver: $45.00 per calendar day (until 9/1/17 - new rates below)
    • Frequent Social-Play-Time with the Pack in a shaded fenced yard with access to clean, fresh water
    • Dogs are comfortably crated for overnight sleeping and nap time purposes only
    • Housing provided with clean bedding, classical music & Lavendar diffusers in a strictly climate controlled room
    • Additional Benefits to our wonderful SleepOver service (FREE)
      • Medication Dispensing 
      • “Manners Reminders” Training 
      • $10,000.00 of Care, Custody & Control Insurance for each dog (proof of insurance upon request)
      • Immeasurable learning of canine social skills – courtesy of the Pack!

  • NEW! SleepOver Plus: $75.00 per calendar day
    • includes all the great benefits of Standard SleepOver plus:
      • Loose-Leash Walking Training - 2 x 20 minute walks per day 
      • Sit/Stay & Recall Training - 3 x 15 minute Sessions per day
      • Bath & Nail Trim - scheduled the day prior to departure (3 night minimum for bath)

  • Add-On Service Offerings (A La Carte)

    • Loose-Leash Walking Training: $10.00 per walk (20 minutes)
    • Sit/Stay & Recall Training: $20.00 per day (3 x 15 minute Sessions per day)
    • Treadmill Training/Exercising: $25.00 per day (1st time - 3 day minimum)

    • Bath & Nail Trim: using All-Natural Oatmeal Shampoo & Coat Conditioner (all breeds & sizes)
      • 5 - 25 lbs = $25.00
      • 25 - 50 lbs = $35.00
      • Over 50 lbs - $45.00
  • Professional Grooming is available upon request (please inquire)

  • Transportation Service (One-Way or Round-Trip):  $35.00 per travel hour
    • (Example: Providence is 45 Mins each way x 4 = 3 Hours Travel Time or $105.00 for Round Trip Transport)
    • Transport Transfers (Drop-Off & Pick-Up) are scheduled between 10:00-11:00 am daily
    • Limited Availabilty - Advanced Reservations are required (please Inquire for more details)


What you need to know

  • Drop-Off and Pick-Up Time Frames: 8:00-9:00 am & 4:00-5:00 pm (strict adherence please)

  • SleepOver Rates (until 9/1/17)
    • Standard SleepOver: $45.00 (one dog). $30.00 (each additional dog)
    • NEW! - SleepOver Plus: $75.00 per dog 
      • Charges are incurred per calendar day
      • Dogs at the morning Pick-Up Time Frame (8:00-9:00 am) are not charged for that day

  • Food: Dogs should be dropped off with enough food for their stay

  • Vaccinations: we do require a copy of your dogs most current Vaccination Records
    • Required Vaccinations: Rabies
    • Recommended Vaccinations: Bordatella (Kennel Cough)


New SleepOver Rates starting on 9/1/17

  • Non-Holiday Time Periods
    • Standard SleepOver:  $50.00 (one dog), $35.00 (each additional dog)
    • SleepOver Plus: $75.00 per dog (unchanged)

  • Holiday Time Periods 
    • Standard SleepOver:  $55.00 (one dog), $40.00 (each additional dog)
    • SleepOver Plus: $85.00 per dog

    • Holiday Time Periods Affected
      • 4th of July:  June 30th - July 21st
      • Thanksgiving:  November 20th - December 1st
      • Christmas:  December 18th - January 2nd

  • SleepOver Reservation Cancellation Policy (effective as of 7/16/17)
    • Cancellations with less than 5 days notice can result in a $10 per cancelled day fee
    • Cancellation with less than 48 hours notice can result in a $25 per cancelled day fee
      • All reasonable exceptions considered


Family-Style SleepOvers (aka...Boarding)

Family-Style SleepOver service is designed around a semi-cage free environment where dogs are allowed to freely socialize with other balanced, well-behaved dogs in over 15,000 square feet of 6' high galvanized fencing broken up into 10 separate holding/play areas. When the dogs are not out for supervised play sessions, exercise or training, they are comfortably housed in individual ortho-pad-lined crates in a strictly climate controlled room (temp ranges from 68-72 degrees/humidity kept at 40-50%) with wi-fi security cameras.

Why put your dog in a traditional kennel where he or she will spend their entire stay pacing back and forth in a concrete and steel dog run? Why not have your dog get a first-class social education from our incredibly well-balanced and diverse Pack of rescue dogs?  

One stay here is all it will take for your dog to ask..."can I please go back to play with the Pack?"!