One-Week Wonder Retreat



One-Week Wonder Behavioral Retreat           $975.00

* Give us a week and we'll give you a more balanced pooch!
* This Retreat is not for dogs with behavior problems
* No Aggression accepted in this Program

Program Highlights

  • 7 Days of Enriching All-Natural Behavior Training & Social Learning
    • utlizing our incredibly rewarding "Play & Train" Process with the Pack

  • 1 Session (up to 2 hours) here at our location at the end of the training week

  • Establishing Positive Behavioral Patterns in the following Foundational areas:
    • Loose-Leash Walking - leash & training collar provided
    • Implied Sit/No Jumping - our incredible 'Sit=Please' process
    • Recall - totally organic and wonderfully reliable
    • Impulse Control - patience is a virtue!
    • Dog to Dog Interactions - "Play & Train"
  • Accepting a maximum of 3 dogs per week in this Retreat
    • Space is limited so Reserve Now!

Enrollment: A $100.00 Deposit is required to begin the Enrollment Process - click here: ENROLL HERE!
Once your Deposit is received, you will receive priority scheduling placement and your choice of Starting Dates

"What's Covered"....the details:  In only 7 days here, with our incredible staff and Pack of balanced canines, your dog will show a truly remarkable improvement in the following specific Foundational areas. Foundational areas are just that - Foundations to a stronger overall behavioral repertoire.

  • Loose-Leash Walking: Believe it or not, in less than 1 week we can teach your dog to ALWAYS walk on a 100% Loose-Leash, with varying degrees of distraction, without the need for pinch collars or "shock" collars.  We will provide you with a 6' Nylon Training Lead as well as a properly fit Training Collar.

  • Implied Sit/No Jumping: We have perfected an incredibly natural process to help dogs learn that the best (and only!) way to get any human's attention is to promptly and calmly Sit a foot or so in front of them.  In our experience, this is absolutely the BEST way to teach a dog not to Jump Up as well as decrease many other undesirable attention seeking behaviors!

  • Recall: By the end of the week here, your dog will be overcome with joy and feel a real sense of urgency to get to you as quickly as possible whenever he hears his name followed by the word "come". In our opinion, this is probably the most important aspect of training you can do with your dog!

  • Impulse Control: It's very common for dogs to learn that the harder they push to obtain Resources (food, attention, etc.) the more likely it will be that an owner will respond with Inadvertant Reinforcement leading to unintentional repeating that pushy behavior. Our Impulse Control exercises teach dogs that patience will be rewarded far more readily than persistence!. This One-Week Wonder Retreat is the first step on the road to recovery for Impulsive dogs (which is almost all of them!)

  • Enhanced Canine Social Skills: When it comes to social behaviors...there's no more effective or all-natural way to help a dog improve their sociability then by immersing them into a group of highly social experienced dogs. Our Pack (In-House & Extended) are so incredibly adept at helping improve canine social behavior that in 1 week, your dog will show vastly improved social skills and have lots of new canine friends to boot.  We call it our Play & Train Process!

some things to know

Currently we are setting a cap on the number of dogs in this special Retreat, at any one time, to 3.  Because of this, space is limited so we do suggest scheduling in advance if possible.

We will coordinate a Drop-Off day and time, convenient to you, for you to bring your dog here to our location in Hope Valley, RI. We are located between exits 2 & 3 off Rte 95 in southern Rhode Island.

  • Drop-Offs: scheduled by appointment only on the following days & times

    • Fridays - between 5:00 - 6:00 pm
    • Saturdays - between 7:30 am - 9:00 am

  • Pick-Up Session: scheduled by appointment on the following days & times

    • Sundays @ 5:00 pm - session lasting up to 2 hours in duration

This is a wonderfully beneficial service for every dog in every family.  Whether it's a family get-away, a long weekend retreat or you just want the best for your dog, be sure to make your Reservation today!