CAVEAT EMPTOR (Buyer Beware!):  Littermate Syndrome

It always amazes me how few breeders, let alone unsuspecting owners, know about the most common behavioral malady that occurs, in varying degrees, in EVERY situation where Littermates are kept together past 7-8 weeks of age.  And before you read any further, you don't have to take my word for any of this.  

Is this the best that local Dog Trainers have to offer? Okay, it's time I said something. This has been building up in me for some time and I think I'm going to burst!!

What the heck is up with some dog trainers in RI? Yesterday I was contacted by a distraught owner. Now mind you, everything I'm saying is basically paraphrasing from a slightly frustrated owner.

What is it that motivates your dog?  I bet it's not what you think!

Safety.... Yup, that's it.  The absolute, hands-down, numero uno, Number 1 thing that fuels the a highest motivating factor in any dog...heck, likely any animal (including humans!).  I know, you want to think it's greasy hot dogs or a belly rub.  And don't get me wrong, those things are highly motivating to many dogs.