Richard Fontaine

Position: Behavioral Trainer
Current Home: Norwich CT
Date of Hire: December 16, 2019

Richard grew up in southeastern CT and has had a passion for animals since he was a young child.  As a kid, Ricky spent the majority of his free time knee-deep in ponds and swamps catching frogs and other amazing creatures. He grew up with a lot of animals including dogs, cats, ferrets, frogs, hamsters, and an African Grey Parrot.

Ricky has always had a deep-seated passion for saving animals his whole life. Whether it was helping injured animals, taking in stray cats and building shelters for them, or even just helping a turtle cross the street, it seemed like he was always trying to make life better for animals.

Ricky started working at a dog rescue back in 2013 where he met and adopted his two Pitbulls, Lily and Wynter. It was there that he started working with a dog trainer and began to learn the craft. This is where he believes he found his calling in life…specifically, working with dogs in need.  Shortly after feeling it was time to move on from the Rescue work, Ricky found Canine Behavioral Services was seeking an experienced “dog person” to join their team and it’s currently where he has been furthering his education and skillset and hoping to someday soon be an integral part of rehabilitating some of the very serious cases handled here.

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