Joshua Robinson

Assistant Trainer/Property Manager
Current Home: Canterbury CT
Hire Date: November 25, 2019

Joshua grew up on a small farm in Canterbury, Connecticut, where he still lives today.  He grew up around dogs and a large variety of other animals and always knew that one day he would pursue his passion of working with animals.  

Josh has always been surrounded by animals. At one point, Joshua owned 10 dogs, as well as cats, goats, sheep, horses, chickens, ducks and other birds.  

With a father that worked as a dog trainer, Joshua attended many dog show trials including agility and herding.  Joshua’s mother worked as a Veterinary Technician, allowing him to spend a lot of time at the Vet clinic.  His two older sisters work with and breed dogs as well. So naturally, for Josh, it’s in the family to work with dogs!

Joshua grew up volunteering with his sister, grooming dogs, as well as assisting them in obedience and agility classes.  His other sister recently received a job at a spay and neuter clinic after training dogs for many years.  With Joshua’s entire family working with and around animals, he has the experience, knowledge and of course the passion for animals, which has only gotten stronger with age

He searched for many different jobs working with animals and when he found out we were hiring, he knew he would love to become a part of the Canine Behavioral Services team.

Joshua hopes that one day he will become a K9 handler for explosive detection and/or cargo screening for airports or police forces.  The dogs and staff here at CBS are fortunate to have Josh on our team!



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