Roan Doyle

Position: Jr. PackLeader (in Training)
Current Home:  Westerly RI
Start Date: July 2019

Roan grew up in Westerly, RI and has always had a love for dogs, so pursuing his very first job at Canine Behavioral Services Inc. was truly a “no-brainer”!  Roan loves dogs as much as it is possible to love any animal. His own dog Murray has been a “frequent flyer” here at CBS for over seven years now.  Roan hadn’t been expecting to start his first real job so early in life…but when the opportunity opened up here for Roan to be able to work and learn at the same time…he couldn’t believe his luck and he jumped at the chance! 

Roan has always had a dog in his life at home since he was a young child.  His first dog was a Rottweiler mix named Riley.  Riley was at least 8 years older than Roan and passed away when Roan was only 4, but it was his relationship with Riley that sparked his deep-rooted love of dogs began. His current dog Murray, a sweet and fun-loving Labrador, was received a Christmas gift – and, according to Roan, it was the best gift he’s ever received!  Murray and Roan share an incredible relationship as friends and team-mates – Murray has become Roan’s his side-kick and partner in “crime”!

Since starting with us here, Roan has been learning how to handle, care for and help to train dogs in an effort to aid their pursuit of behavioral balance. Roan says that he wouldn’t trade the knowledge he is gaining here for anything!

All of the dogs here, whether they be Pack dogs or Client dogs, are special to Roan in their own way. We hope that his starting “work” here at Canine Behavioral Services is the start of great things to come for Roan and we sure are lucky to have him on our team!

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