Sam Staton, CDT

Assistant Trainer/Packleader 
Certified Dog Trainer
Current Home: Warwick, RI 
Hire Date: July 2018 


Although it has taken him years to figure out exactly where his passion lies, Sam has always known since he was a child that he wanted to work with animals. As he grew older, he broadened his experience with a few different animal related jobs. He owned a chicken farm, worked in a veterinary hospital, and volunteered at an animal shelter. He then pursued his interest in dogs further at a doggie daycare facility.

At his first doggie daycare job, Sam enjoyed interacting with the dogs while they played together, but he was more interested in the dogs that didn’t want to play or the dogs that seemed interested but too nervous to play. Those dogs sparked the interest of learning more about dog behavior and socialization. After a few months of working at the daycare, Sam adopted a Pitbull-Mix named Odie. Odie is a sweet boy but has some issues meeting new dogs and people. Living with Odie intensified Sam’s interest in learning about dog behavior. Together, Sam and Odie moved to Burlington, Vermont and began working at a doggie daycare/training facility.

Sam quickly became more involved in training at that facility and began learning as much as possible. He enrolled in a dog training school and worked with as many dog trainers as he could, earning his CDT. In the beginning of the summer of 2018, Sam moved back to Rhode Island and began working alongside the Pack here at Canine Behavioral Services Inc. Sam’s mission is to earn his CCPDT certification and continue helping our four-legged friends find behavioral balance. We are lucky to have him on board!

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