Trainer’s Assistant/PackLeader (in Training)
Current Home: Narragansett RI
Hire Date:  May 9, 2018


From the moment Mika left the hospital nursery as an infant, she was surrounded by animals. Being subjected to the family farm, animals had a huge influence on Mika’s endless love for the furry friends. As a young child, she was more interested in playing with the four household Labrador Retrievers than the neighborhood kids. At the age of 18, she decided it was a right of passage to train a dog of her own – Lulu the Siberian Husky. Lulu has been her sidekick ever since and has stayed with Mika through thick and thin, even moving to New York on a whim when Mika was 20 years old. Living in New York, Mika discovered that working with domesticated pets was her passion. She began her journey working in a boarding facility as a kennel attendant, then working with a shelter where she fostered dogs in need, and advancing to inpatient veterinary care and finally assisting in an emergency veterinary hospital. Throughout her journey, seeing all canine behavioral types come from stressful environments and unfortunate situations helped Mika realize that the behavioral route was what she wanted to advance her career in. 

Mika jumped at the opportunity to join the Canine Behavioral Services team and she is eager to apply her love of dogs to all of her hard work ahead of her. We are happy to have her on our team! 

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