Lauren Gallagher

Assistant Trainer/PackLeader (in Training)
Current Home: Wakefield, RI
Hire Date:  April 12, 2018

Lauren grew up the daughter of a military dad and that came with frequent moves throughout her childhood, including places like Germany and Alaska. The deployment in Alaska lasted 9 years, and that is where Lauren grew up. As a child she always loved animals, and used to play pretend “veterinarian” with the family dog, Lilly.

After moving to Rhode Island from Alaska in 2015 for to pursue an educational opportunity, she decided to find a dog to be her best friend in her new home where she knew very few people. After searching for a few weeks, she stumbled across a very special dog. She was an all black mutt with back leg dew claws still attached, incredibly awkward, had no manners, and came from an unknown background. Lauren learned she had been with the rescue for awhile, as no one showed much interest in her. She adopted her immediately which began a friendship that changed her life!

Lauren and her new “goofy” friend, named Poppy, set out together to learn more about proper dog behavior. It seemed that both Lauren and Poppy were both new to “dog training” but through determination and hard work – they accomplished their goals. However, it was not the goals that created an inseparable bond between the two – it was the process of getting there that made her a believer in how amazing dogs can be.  Poppy is always eager to learn something new, giving Lauren plenty of opportunities to practice my skills.

Lauren is currently studying Therapeutic Massage at CCRI, and was thrilled to find a job opportunity at Canine Behavioral Services, and hope to become the best dog Leader she can be!

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