Jonathan Schwarz

Position: Kennel Supervisor
Current Home:  Westerly RI
Date of Hire:  August 25, 2020

Jonathan has had the privilege of experiencing the special bond between man and dog longer than he has not. This has given him a perspective that most do not understand, which has allowed him to share his perspective passionately with others.  He believes dogs are a “gift” that we are all hopefully lucky to have one day and that we have so much to learn from them.

He has been involved, professionally with animals, for over twenty years and has always had an understanding of respect on a canine level, from small to large breeds.

Jonathan’s passion for working with dogs in need has led him to spend the majority of his career, up to now, working for non-profit humane organizations. Through this work, he has gathered valuable experience and critical skills working with one of the largest Humane Societies in New England.

His most recent work saw Jonathan working fight pet overpopulation in a high volume spay/neuter clinic as a surgical veterinary assistant where the target population was pitbull-type dogs and feral cats.

Over the years, Jonathan has also personally worked with countless dogs. Whether it be teaching basic commands or teaching a dog to work in the job it was bred for…throughout this time he raised and loved a red nose pitbull for fourteen years.

Jonathan’s true passion is to help strengthen that special bond between man and dog.  We are very excited to have Jonathan as a lead member of our team here at CBS.  His personal dog training methods align with our Pack mentality and all-natural training here so it couldn’t be a better fit!

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